Pirate Theme | Composition Kit

Give your students the gift of writing their own music – Encourage their innate creativity! This ‘done-for-you’ teaching bundle is sequentially paced, and easy to use. Including FOUR levels, from beginner to advancing, this multi-level composition kit inspires students with a pirate theme. You can teach students to enjoy and feel confident at improvising and composing, with this fun, ready-to-go composition teaching kit.

This Composition Teaching Kit Features:

  • FOUR different levels of composing activities, for Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate and Advancing students.
  • Student project sheets for each level, with simple steps laid out for confident composing. Each project level steps up sequentially, adding a new challenge for each higher level.
  • The Beginner project uses graphic notation, for early composing success & fun. The Elementary project uses staff notation on the treble staff. The Intermediate project teaches students to write both a melody and a bass line. And the Late Intermediate to Advancing project kit extends the students’ composing skills to include modulating to the dominant key. It also encourages students to create 8 to 16+ bars, and use binary, ternary or rondo form, phrasing, and dynamics for a fully finished piece.
  • Each activity set takes students step-by-step through a composition process, to help them build confidence, and create a satisfying piece. Each set also includes a keyboard picture of the relevant scale/s, so students easily know what notes to use.
  • Improvisation is encouraged throughout, to help students hear what it is they are composing, and develop audiation skills. Improvisation also gives them the chance to experiment and find the motifs or patterns they like, to use in their compositions.
  • Composing their own music is a great way to help students improve their music literacy and theory skills too!
  • Suitable for both Group class AND Individual tuition – Get your students creating music, and exploring their own creativity. Easily adaptable for school classroom teaching too!

Take a look through the pirate theme Composition Kit:

Single Teacher Licence included: You may use this resource for all the students you teach directly and personally, for your lifetime. Music schools with multiple teachers will need to purchase a copy for each teacher using this material, of course. Please contact us if you need a ‘multiple teacher’ license. 

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