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Make Practice MORE Successful…

...Successful Practice is Addictive!

‘Bag of Tricks’ Practice Kit – Teach Students to Practice SMARTER, not harder!

43+ Highly Effective Practice Strategies

Smart practice 'tricks' for all ages and stages. From beginning a new piece, right through to deep learning and polishing ready for performance. Late Elementary to Advanced - Practice 'tricks' (or strategies) help students focus better for more efficient & effective learning!

43+ Highly Effective Practice Strategies

Entices Students to Engage and Achieve

Written in a conversational style, it is easy to read and understand. With a kid-friendly layout and colourful images it encourages curiosity and 'playful' practice.

Entices Students to Engage and Achieve

Develops a Growth Mindset

Not just another practice book and diary! The fun 'magic tricks' concept encourages students to have a positive attitude towards learning and their ability to progress and achieve.

Develops a Growth Mindset

Improves Metacognitive Learning

Each practice 'trick' targets specific music learning issues with specific solutions, helping students to learn about how they learn, and to discern and choose appropriate practice strategies.

Improves Metacognitive Learning

Designed for Flexible Use

Simple to use - You can make the Music Journal task or time focused - Or a combination of both! Choose the approach which suits each student best. Using the Journal gives students a sense of direction and achievement whilst working towards larger goals.

Designed for Flexible Use

Immediate Digital Download

Purchase any of these materials today, and you can download them immediately, ready to inform, inspire & motivate your students practice habits! Printing instructions all included.

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Immediate Digital Download

What are Teachers & Parents saying about our Music Resources?

Hear from those who are already using our ‘Practice Kit’ books, and many of our other products…

Extremely satisfied
Extremely satisfied'Music Explorations' - Music Teacher

Practice Kit - Triple Bundle: What a wonderful bundle! This collections of resources is great for any musician looking for methods to use in their practice session. The text and images are engaging for all musicians. On a personal note, I reached out to the seller with a question about the product and they responded promptly. Overall, a wonderful interaction and experience. This bundle is well worth the purchase!!

Thank you
Thank youLiz - Pianist & Teacher

I am so glad I found this set of practice books. My students have been enjoying the easy-reading style of the Bag of Practice Tricks, and I have been enjoying seeing their improvement, and renewed interest! The Music Journal has made it easier to direct their practice through the week. and it's a great way to track their progress too.

Love it!
Love it!Ali - Piano Teacher

'Recital Shakedown': A fabulous game, that is easy, inclusive and good for lots of laughs. Good to take the edge off of getting up in front of people to play, whilst secretly doing performance practice. :)

Fun and Simple!
Fun and Simple!Joanne

Star Starts Game:
My students have loved using these Star Starts cards. I printed them and put them in a little kit I made up, to help them get inspired about practice. An easy and fun way to remind them to start in different places, not just at the beginning. And it's working - Nice & easy!

Just what we needed
Just what we neededAnthony - Parent

We have used both the Music Journal and the Bag of Tricks, and found them to be helpful in practice and goals setting and tracking progress. My daughter uses a diary for each instrument and finds it helpful in tracking progress in each of her pieces and the practice tricks to enable her to continue to move forward with renewed momentum and ideas. Valuable asset. Thanks

Extremely Satisfied
Extremely SatisfiedRandi V. - Teacher

Key Signature Bundle: I used your 'Key Signature Tutorial & Digital Board Game' set with my choral students!! Thank you so much!

Easy key signatures
Easy key signaturesSam - Teacher

Key Signature Bundle:
I have seen students of various levels comprehend all the key signatures in one to three lessons. An excellent product, would definitely recommend.

Quirky but effective
Quirky but effectivePeter - Music Teacher

Ear Training Games Duo BUNDLE:
I have used this to teach interval ear training in my musicianship class, and also with individual students for their piano exams. It has certainly made it a lot easier for students to remember the sound of each interval! (And they thought that playing a game in a lesson was pretty cool too.) I'm happy!

EmpoweringBeth - Music Teacher

Practice Book Set: I am so pleased with how this pair of practice books work together to inspire my students to practice! And best of all is that if they get 'stuck' to know what to do with their pieces & scales etc mid-week, they can very often 'un-stick' themselves, using the Campaign Tracker in the Journal & the long list of practice 'tricks' detailed in the Bag of Tricks book. Well done, I am thrilled!

ComprehensiveRobert - Piano Teacher

Practice Book Set: A comprehensive productivity tool! Between a book of practice techniques, and a practice log this is a complete practice kit.

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    For Google Drive File products you will download instructions on how to access these files.

    In either case, digital delivery is usually quick and straight forward. If you have any problems, check the FAQ's about downloading.

    And remember, you can always login to your personal customer dashboard to access all your purchases at any time :)

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    To login to your customer account, go to our home page, and click on the blue 'login' button at the top right hand corner, using the username & password that you set up previously during checkout. If needed, you can reset your password here too.

  • Can I DOWNLOAD these resources on my PHONE?

    Whilst in theory this is possible, we recommend downloading using a computer, with a stable internet connection, through Chrome or Firefox, for ease of access.

  • What should I do if I get an error message when downloading?

    If you get an error message when trying to download a file, check that your internet connection is stable, and that you have sufficient space on your device/computer to download the files, then try again, and it should be fine.

    If your download still doesn't work, it may be a server or other error. If you need to try downloading again, you can log in to your customer account, and find the download links in your 'Dashboard', and use those links to try again.

    If you have any further trouble, please contact us for assistance. Email us at: info@88musicalkeys.com

  • HELP! I can't OPEN my DOWNLOAD, what do I do?

    All of our printables are in PDF format, and these can be opened with a PDF viewer, eg, free versions of Adobe, Nitro, Soda should be fine.

    Most of our resources that contain more than one PDF file are in a zipped folder. If you have windows, a free program like '7 zip' will open them for you so you can save them. If you have a Mac, you should be able to simply double click on the file and it will automatically open for you. More info for Mac here: https://support.apple.com/en-au/guide/mac-help/mchlp2528/mac

  • How do I go about GETTING my students STARTED using the 'Practice Kit' books?

    We find that students enjoy starting by using the 'Bag of Practice Tricks' book in lesson time - This also helps to make sure that they understand the tricks they are using, for best benefit. (Do feel free to make it fun during lessons too - each 'trick' is really like a game we play with our pieces!)

    To help them settle in to using their Music Journal, go through it with them in lesson time, so they know how to use it. (Putting a tab on each main section, to make them easy to find, is really helpful too!)

    Also, for younger students, you may decide to teach them some of the relevant 'Bag of Tricks' practice strategies, without giving them the books yet - children learn through play, so let each trick become a 'game'.

  • When I print the Practice Books, how do I bind them?

    For the book, 'My Bag of Practice Tricks' we recommend putting a couple of staples in the spine. However the 'Music Journal' is best with a comb binding, as it has enough pages for a whole year! Most office supply shops can do comb bindings for you, if you don't have a comb binder.

    Printing & assembly instructions are included. Feel free to email is if you have more questions :)

  • What size are the practice books once printed?

    Each of our 'Bag of Tricks' Practice Books are intended to be A5 size, so they feel 'kid friendly', however you can vary this when you print them, by selecting different size paper in your printer setting.

    More details are on each product description page, including the number of pages, and paper size.

    Printing instructions are included with each book/resource.

  • If I buy a digital download product here, with a studio or school licence, can I send or share the files with my students?

    NO, the files MAY NOT be given or shared with anyone else, or sold to anyone else, in any way or in any form, as this is a breach of Copyright.

    However, if you have purchased a 'Single Teacher Studio Licence' you MAY print them for your students - And the actual cost of printing it may be passed on to the student.

    HOWEVER, the 'Single Student Licence' ONLY entitles you to print the file for that one student that it was bought for. And you MAY NOT send or share the file to them or to anyone else.

    Alternatively, you CAN have the student or parent purchase the 'Single Student License' edition to download and print for themselves.

    THANK YOU for respecting copyright law - It enables all teacher-authors to support their families while they continue creating new, fun, music teaching materials for you!

    Need more information? Please check our Terms of Use and Conditions of Sales (below).

  • What LANGUAGE are the resources in?

    All these products are in English. We offer both UK and US english editions for resources which need that.

    For those in non-English speaking countries, we advise that our 'practice books' and history resources rely heavily on text, which is in English.

    However, most of our games use music notation and pictures to teach concepts and so may still be useful even for students who don't read English.

    (Feel free to email: info@88musicalkeys.com it you need more info.)

  • What FILE TYPE are your 'digital' resources, for online/hybrid teaching?

    Our 'digital' resources, for online/hybrid teaching are built in Google Slides, making them easy to use across most platforms!

  • In ONLINE teaching, how can I 'share' the resources with my student/s?

    For online teaching, our 'digital' resources, which are built in Google Slides, can be used with screen share. If your online teaching platform allows screen sharing, and works with Google Slides, then our digital resources should be fine for you.

    Our other resources (eg, worksheets, music, flashcards, games, concept teaching posters, theory resources, etc) are supplied in PDF format. You are welcome to use these in online teaching too - either hold them up to the screen during lessons, or print a copy to give the student (students love receiving a package of music resource goodies in the mail!)

  • Can I alter and/or resell products bought here?

    NO, our resources MAY NOT be altered in any way, or sold in either the same or altered form.

    The intellectual property of all the original material sold here remains exclusively ours, and may not be altered or resold. (In purchasing an item here you are purchasing the right to use it with your students, not the intellectual property itself.)

    Images & graphics in our materials are purchased from third parties, and used with permission from their respective owners, and MAY NOT be used separately to these products and books.

  • What is your refund policy?

    Digital download products (books, music, printables, Google Drive files, etc.) cannot be refunded as
    products in any electronically-delivered format are impossible to 'return'. There is no way to track if a resource has been copied and saved elsewhere, and we want to ensure that our authors/creators get proper reimbursement for the works they’ve created. And they can keep on creating great music teaching resources!

    If you are unhappy with your purchase or would like to discuss further, please contact info@88musicalkeys.com

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