‘Wild West’ | Piano Party Kit

Give your students a multi-faceted learning experience – Filled with music appreciation, aural development, and composing! A ‘Piano Party’ is a great way to combine different aspects of learning music, in an engaging music group class. This value-packed ‘piano party’ unit will deepen students’ understanding and appreciation of music, teach them composition skills, develop aural skills through singing activities, and help them make friends with other ‘music kids’. What a fun way to learn (and teach) music!

Studio teachers who love to teach holistically, and grow well-rounded young musicians, will love this ‘piano party’ kit. It includes all the resources you need to run a successful, educational and fun ‘Party-style’ group class, filled with music appreciation, composition, inspiration and opportunity. (And for the school music teacher, these materials make a great unit study project…and save you prep time.)

About the ‘Wild West Piano Party’ kit:

  • All the prep and planning is done! The planning kit gives you the editable ‘Party’ invitations; the teaching plan with lots of ideas & help; an editable ‘running order’ sheet to guide you on the day; FOUR levels of the Wild West composition project, and lots of other ideas and helpful suggestions to run your own successful ‘Piano Party’… (a.k.a. music group class!)
  • The ‘party’ planning kit includes a ‘click link’ to the ‘Showdown in Maverick’ musical story, by Marshall Cavendish – based on ‘Rodeo’ by Aaron Copland. A great introduction to music appreciation! There is also a ‘click link’ to a curated playlist of short, ‘kid-friendly’ and funny music videos, to use at the beginning, while students settle in, and you wait for everyone to arrive. And a ‘hoe down’ line dance tutorial to wrap up the party class session.
  • The ‘Wild West Hoe Down’ Composition Kit with FOUR levels of composing activities: Beginner, Elementary, Early Intermediate, and Late Intermediate/Advancing…there is something for everyone! This composition kit gives you the companion extension activity which follows on after the musical storytelling session in this piano party class.

Take a look through:

So, what is a ‘Piano Party’? The Piano Party idea is really just a sneaky ‘cover’ for a music group class. For studio teachers who mainly teach individual lessons, this is a cool way to get your students together, to cover more music appreciation, history & theory. It’s a great way to broaden their musical education…and help them make friends with other students who learn music too. And actually, it’s not just for piano – this idea is great for any music teaching group! (Try running it as a ‘Violin Party’, a ‘Choir Party’, a ‘Music Party’, or even a ‘Junior Orchestra Party… Just create a title to suit your situation!)

And why run a ‘Party-style’ group class? Because…

  • Students love the idea of a music ‘party’ so much more than the idea of a music class!
  • A group class is a great way for studio music teachers to offer an additional lesson in the term, which students can use as a replacement for a lesson they have missed. A time saver for teachers, compared to trying to give everyone individual catch-up lessons, and great value for students too.
  • It’s also a really useful way to broaden your students’ music appreciation skills, and touch on music topics that you might not otherwise have time for in their instrumental/singing lessons. Offer a ‘piano party’ class for educational fun during summer lessons; use it as part of a Music Camp; or use it as an extension learning experience each semester. (If you offer the ‘music party class’ in addition to normal tuition, add the cost of this class to the editable invitations, or just cover the cost with a ‘registration fee’ each semester or term.)
Kids love piano parties!’
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Purchase Options Explained:

  1. ‘Wild West’ BIG ‘Party’ Teaching Pack: This option give you BOTH the ‘Wild West’ Party Planner Teaching Kit, AND the ‘Hoe Down’ Composition Kit – A complete kit for organizing and running this music group class. Get ready to broaden students music appreciation!
  2. ‘Wild West’ Planning & Teaching Kit only: For those who already have the ‘Hoe Down’ Composition Kit. This option give you the ‘party’ class planning kit to structure a music appreciation class. Includes editable invitations, planning guide, teaching plan, and on-the-day running order.
  3. ‘Wild West Hoe Down’ Composition Kit: This kit gives you FOUR levels of ‘done-for-you’ composition projects, from beginner to late intermediate/advancing levels. This multilevel, ‘wild west’ themed composition kit teaches fail-safe step by step composing in Hoe Down style.
  4. ADD on our ‘Recital Shakedown’ Party Game: Help students GET RID of those PESKY performance NERVES – Loosen things up with this fun, performance focused concert practice game! This game is a great extension resource to use with this party bundle – Extend the ‘piano party’ time by 30 minutes to give students some ‘concert practice’ time…and finish on a high note! (‘scuse the pun…) 
piano party, music appreciation

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piano party

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General Information:

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LicensingFor great value, this set includes a ‘Single Teacher Studio License’:

With our ‘Single Teacher Studio License’ you may print 88 Musical Keys resources for all the students you teach directly and personally, for your lifetime! This includes our bundles, kits, activities, games, music, flashcards, music practice resources, and posters. (Music schools with multiple teachers will need to purchase a copy for each teacher using this material, of course. Please contact us if you need a ‘multiple teacher’ license.) 

How to Download:

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