Music Practice Kit – ‘My Bag of Practice Tricks & Music Journal’ VALUE Bundle

Help your students refine their music practice skills.  Teach them to practice SMARTER not harder!

This BIG VALUE Teacher’s Bundle includes all three in our set of Practice Books.  Get a multitude of music practice ‘tricks’ for both Younger and Older students.  Our progress-boosting Music Journal, which doubles as a Practice Log, and a FREE practice game are ALSO included here!

Encourage your students to prepare, play and perform better, and with more fun and confidence.  Capture students’ imagination with this ‘practice magic’ concept to give them long term, intelligent music practice habits.

These books are suitable for a wide range of abilities from late elementary to intermediate and advanced.  With a built-in problem solving attitude, it encourages goal setting and progress tracking.  This set equips students to tackle any repertoire, not just method books, although these tips are just as useful there too.

Included in this BIG VALUE bundle:

1 – ‘My Bag of Practice Tricks’ – Children’s Edition: 
  • A compact & colourful book with 43 great practice strategies, written in an engaging conversational style.  The graphics throughout are eye catching, making each practice strategy very memorable.  These practice tricks helps to ‘gamify’ practice time and improve learning retention!
  • The original ‘Bag of Practice Tricks’ contains 43+ highly effective & efficient practice strategies.  It helps students to prepare, play and perform with more focus, confidence and polish.  This edition is aimed at 7 to 12 years and is suitable for a wide range of abilities, from grade 1 elementary to grade 8 advanced, and beyond.  It inspires curiosity and builds a problem solving, meta-cognitive mindset.  The practice strategies covered here are comprehensive and go from starting a piece the right way, through to deep learning, polishing and performing it.  These practice tricks are addictive!  And there are 11 practice tricks especially devoted to learning technical work… Boredom busters!
2 – ‘My Bag of Practice Tricks’ – Older Student’s Edition:
  • With the same 43+ basic practice strategies as our original children’s edition above, the Older Student’s Edition is aimed at teenagers and adults. Text, fonts and graphics have been completely revised to appeal to teenagers and adults, and  motivate them to get practicing.
3 – The companion ‘Music Journal’ Practice Log Book:
  • Encouraging students to see their music studies as a journey, and fostering a self-regulating attitude, you can make it task or time focused, as you prefer.  It has EIGHT different sections, including Goal Setting, Practice Stats Graphs, Countdown Calendars, Weekly Progress pages, Campaign Tracker, etc.  These sections are designed to give students direction and a sense of achievement along the way.  This journal has 125 pages and covers a FULL year!
  • NOTE – The Music Journal comes with two different versions – the original version which has colour throughout, and a second version which has the same content, but with most pages in black & white, making it cheaper to print.
4 – EXTRA BONUS ‘Star Starts’ Practice Game:
  • This music practice bundle includes our back-to-basics ‘Star Starts’ Practice Game – A simple and easy ‘pick-a-card’ game using one of the practice tricks in the Bag of Tricks book.  It helps students get started with a ‘practice tricks’ mindset!
This bundle is a UNIQUE and effective way to help students plan out and go about their music practice in between lessons. It is great for in-person or online lessons – as it gives a succinct way in which to share, discuss and itemise practice expectations. And who could resist the idea of transforming their playing with ‘practice magic’…!

These 3 books work well together – ‘My Own Bag of Practice Tricks’ expands on the Campaign Tracker section in ‘My Practice Journal’, and the tracker section helps the student be methodical in working through several learning strategies with each piece. Win-Win!

Watch an Multi-instrument, independent Music Teacher’s Review:


How to Print – Each book is A5 in size, in PDF format, ready to print it yourself or take it to a print shop. 
  • The Music Journal can also be printed in a larger size, for more writing space. Select your page size in your printer settings.
  • Each of the ‘Bag of Practice Tricks’ books are A5 size, and have 36 pages including cover.
  • Compact yet comprehensive – For cost effective printing we have produced these in a ready-to-print PDF format, so that they print on A4 paper, in landscape direction, and double sided.  (To print on letter paper, or other sizes, change the paper size and select ‘fit to page’ in your printer setting.) 
  • Printing instructions are included for all three books!

This Triple Set comes complete with a ‘Studio Licence – One Teacher’ – Buy this set, and print it for all your own regular students, that you teach directly and personally, for life.  The printed books themselves may not be sold, but the actual cost of printing may be passed on to the student. (Product files may never be shared with students, or anyone else, or sold).  Music schools with multiple teachers will need to buy one digital copy per teacher.

Scroll through these sample pages:

‘My Music Journal’ – Music Practice Log with a difference!

‘My Bag of Practice Tricks’ Children’s Edition

‘My Bag of Practice Tricks’ Older Student’s Edition

‘Star Starts’ The Practice Games

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Find the individual listings here:

‘Star Starts’ the Practice Game  – Now with three versions!

piano lesson notes

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General Information:

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Licensing: For great value, all options here include a Single Teacher Studio License:

You may print these activities, games, music, cards and posters for all the students you teach directly and personally, for your lifetime! (Music schools with multiple teachers will need to purchase a copy for each teacher using this material, of course. Contact us if you need a ‘multiple teacher’ license.) 

How to Download:

We recommend downloading these resources using a computer (rather than a phone or other device) to make it quick and easy, and a hard-wired internet connection will make it faster, of course.  Print it yourself, or take it to a print shop.  In either case, the PDF files are set up ready to print on both sides of the page, giving the flashcards, games, worksheet activities and kits a professional presentation.  Printing and playing instructions for all resources are included! 


All our download files are in PDF format, ready to save, print and use. When printing, we recommend using either Adobe Acrobat Reader (free) PDF software, or ‘Nitro PRO’ software, to open & print our PDF resources.  You can also open our PDF files using Google Chrome, and print directly from there.  (Other PDF software may or may not print as reliably as these 3 options for these files.)

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  • Very helpful!

    I have been using the Bag of Tricks for five years, since I was 10, and in grade 3 piano. I have now finished all the grades and I am working towards my AMusA and ATCL.
    It has changed the way I think about my practice, making it more interesting and effective, and fun. Because these tricks help me focus better, it saves time.
    The pictures are so humorous, and helped me engage when I was younger, and even now!
    The Music Journal has made me keep a track of my time. The goal setting is a good way to remind yourself where you're going, and the countdown charts help you feel the deadline!
    Would recommend this to all music teachers, and students.

  • Extremely Satisfied!

    What a wonderful bundle! This collections of resources is great for any musician looking for methods to use in their practice session. The text and images are engaging for all musicians. On a personal note, I reached out to the seller with a question about the product and they responded promptly. Overall, a wonderful interaction and experience. This bundle is well worth the purchase!!

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