‘Interval Detective’ | Card Game AND Board Game!

Help your students MASTER intervals on keyboard, BOOST keyboard geography, and IMPROVE sight reading, with these TWO versatile and fun Detective Games.

Intervals are the basic building blocks of melody and harmony so recognising intervals visually – both on the staff and on the keyboard – is an important skill for students to master.  Fluency with music intervals helps budding musicians improve intervallic sight reading, understand keyboard geography, and boost music theory skills!

This game set gives gives you two fun games to help students understand, measure, write & read musical intervals.  Additionally, it also incorporates kinaesthetic, visual and auditory learning.  The Card Game Sets are ideal to use in one-on-one music lessons.  Students struggling with sight reading? You can use them as a lesson starter or as a change of activity half way through!  The Board Game Set extends the Card Games, giving lots of fun repetition for optimal learning.  Ideal for group class or ‘Piano Party’ events, and it can also be played with just student and teacher in lesson time.

The ‘COMPLETE Bundle’ includes:

  • All 3 levels of the original ‘Interval Clue Cards’:  Beginner, Elementary AND Intermediate levels.  That’s a total of 144 challenge cards, and since each card has 5 interval clues this gives you over 700 music interval quiz questions. Lay the foundation for sight reading and music theory!
  • The full size printable Game Board:  Make the game board large, medium, or small, you can set the size you want in your printer properties
  • Player Tokens and ‘Detective Kit’ Cards – Colourful and fun!  All ready to print and play.
  • Rules & set-up instructions for all the Card Games – Easy to play in one-on-one lesson times
  • Rules & set-up instructions for the Board Game:  Print and play rules so students can easily set it up themselves and play it as a group, therefore making it flexible to use in different learning environments.
  • A mini ‘white board’ for each of the 3 levels – These cute ‘whiteboards’ are ready to print and laminate. Useful with both the card games and board game, and a great way to reinforce sight reading skills.
  • ‘My Gaming Record’ chart for each student to track their own progress – a great way to set longer term goals for improvement.
  • Three colourful ‘official’ Certificates of Achievement’ – one for each level.  Challenge students to collect all three certificates!
  • Teacher ‘helper key’ page included with level 3, so it’s easy to check student’s answers 😉
  • Immediate availability by digital download from your customer dashboard.  All the prep work, layout, and graphic design is done so you can just print and play.  Print it yourself or take it to a print shop – Printing instructions are all included
  • Studio Licence – allows you to print these cards for all your own students, for at home practice, if needed.
The original CARD GAME SET itself has three levels:  The beginner level focuses on interval measuring skills up to a 5th; the elementary level adds in larger intervals, up to an octave; and the intermediate level helps students learn how to name intervals by quality as well as number!

Each Card Game Level includes:

  • 48 ‘Interval Clue Cards’ in each level
  • Each individual card has 5 interval clues for students to work out, to find the ‘missing note’.  This gives plenty of fresh challenges and lots of revision – with a multitude of interval questions!
  • Intervals included are both ascending and descending, reinforcing the concept of ‘high’ and ‘low’ notes, direction on the keyboard, and pitch contour in music. These basic skills are the building blocks of good keyboard geography and sight reading skills!
  • The artwork is bright, colourful and engaging – capturing students’ attention and making it feel like a ‘real’ game.
  • A mini ‘white board’ ready to print, laminate and use with the game.  Using the whiteboard helps students connect the ‘keyboard geography’ of physical intervals on the keyboard to written music notation.  A great tool to improve sight reading!
  • ‘My Gaming Record’ chart for each student to track their progress. Give every student their own chart to keep, or display them around the room.  Make it competitive or non-competitive, you choose!
  • A colourful ‘official’ certificate of achievement that you can award to students who complete the number of cards you set for them. Especially great to build confidence AND motivation.
  • The Studio Licence means you can also print ‘whiteboards’, record charts, and card sets to give all your own students – Great for online teaching too!
  • Everything is immediately available in your customer dashboard. This digital download is ready to print and play. And all the printing instructions and game rules are included!

This game is great for enhancing both Sight Reading AND Music Theory skills!

Level 1: Beginners – Using 2nds, 3rds, 4ths, & 5thsTake a look:

  • sight reading music game ready to print and play
    Improve sight reading skills with intervals

Level 2: Elementary – ALL intervals up to OctavesTake a look:

  • sight reading card game
    Easy & fun - teaching intervals on keyboard

Level 3: Late Elementary to Intermediate – Using intervals up to an octave & adding in interval ‘quality’ (ie, major, minor, & perfect intervals). Take a look:

  • sight reading game
    Easy & fun - teaching musical intervals

The concept of intervals is very important across all syllabi for practical, aural & theory, especially in grades 1 to 4. Use the ‘Board Game Kit’ to make the ‘Detective Cards’ more versatile & ideal for GROUP CLASSES (and Piano Parties!)

Take a look through the printable ‘Board Game extension kit’ below:

  • sight reading intervals
    A musical sleuth Board Game!

UPDATE!!  An ‘online’ version of the board game ‘extension kit’ is now also available! 

Built in Google Slides, this makes it easy to use the ‘Interval Detective Board Game’ when teaching online and hybrid, either one-on-one or group classes.  This online game will work well in any online teaching platform which allows you to share screen, and share screen controls, eg, Zoom or platforms with similar sharing capabilities.

The original, printable card sets work with this online board game too – The teacher will shuffle & display the printed ‘detective cards’, while online students can take turns ‘rolling’ the video dice, and moving their own game tokens & kit cards using the online board game. What a great way to make sight reading and music theory more fun!

NOTE: If you have previously purchased the ‘Interval Detective Card Games’ you will only need to select the ‘Online Board Game Extension Kit’ option, to turn your card games into an online board game.

All online instructions are included – download and play this fun learning game online today!

Take a look through the Online Board Game extension kit below:

Versatile Purchase Options:

  • COMPLETE Bundle – This includes everything shown here – All three sets of the printable Card Games, (including the Certificates, ‘Whiteboard’ printables, and game record chart) AND the printable Board Game extension kit AND also the Online Board Game extension kit, all with a discount of 20%
  • BIG BUNDLE – All the Printables: This includes all the printable materials shown here: All three sets of printable Card Games (including the Certificates, ‘Whiteboard’ printables, and game record chart) AND the printable Board Game extension kit, all with a discount of 15% (Note, this set does not include the Online Board Game extension kit).
  • BIG BUNDLE – For ONLINE play: All three sets of printable Card Games (including the Certificates, ‘Whiteboard’ printables, and game record chart – all in printable format) AND the ONLINE Board Game extension kit, all with a discount of 15% (Note, if you already have the printable card games, you will only need to buy the ‘Online Board Game Externsion Kit’ to turn your card game/s into an online board game).
  • Card Game Sets 1, 2 & 3: This option includes ALL three printable card game sets – Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate (including the Certificates, ‘Whiteboard’ printables, and game record chart), all with a 10% discount
  • Alternatively, you can just get each item separately, as listed. A Studio Licence is included for each of these items. (Note: To play either of the Board Games you will also need a copy of the card game/s, at whichever level/s you want to use)
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General Information:

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  • This is such a good product!

    This is great for helping kids to learn intervals, and also where the note on the staff corresponds with the actual note on the Keyboard. It was really helpful with a particular student of mine, who was struggling with the 'which-note-up-there-is-which-note-down-here' syndrome!

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