‘Music Intervals’ Poster Pair

An easy way to help students interval reading skills

Music intervals – the building blocks of music!  Colourful posters are a fun way to remind students of such important information, and encourage intervallic sight reading.

Understanding music intervals is an important part of helping students become fluent in the language of music.  In particular, it improves intervallic sight reading skills, music theory, and playing by ear.

This set includes two colourful posters demonstrating the two basic concepts necessary to understand musical intervals:

  • The first poster demonstrates how intervals are numbered.  Students will learn how to ‘count’ the size of an interval; which intervals have two notes on a line or two notes on a space; and which intervals have both a line and a space note.
  • The second poster demonstrates how students can work out the ‘quality’ of an interval – namely, major, minor and perfect intervals
  • Colourful cartoons engage students’ attention, and teach the main concepts.
  • Each poster comes in three sizes.  Firstly, use the larger ones for room display, and secondly use the smaller ones as a student ‘handout’, to help them remember the important points
  • Immediate digital download available from your customer account dashboard – Ready to print and display.

Take a look: 


Studio Licence:- Buy once and you can download and print them for all your own students, that you personally teach, for a lifetime.  (Studios with multiple teachers will need to purchase a digital copy for every teacher using this project.)


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