Piano Practice To-Do List

Give your students their weekly lesson piano practice notes in an eye-catching, student-friendly way – Help them stay on track with their music practice goals!

This free piano practice ‘playlist’ includes plenty of space for you to add instructions about student’s technical work, sight reading, several pieces, other items. It also contains an upcoming goal reminder which you can personalise to suit their plans.

This piano practice to-do list works very well with ourMy Music Journal Practice Log for students, and our My Bag of Practice Tricks book, which is full of kid-friendly practice tricks and colourful cartoons. A great way to keep students motivated each week and on track for upcoming competitions, exams, and other goals!

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  • Piano practice to-do list, fun
    Includes all 3 designs

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  • So Useful.

    I use these each week with my students, and it really helps them stay on track! 🙂

  • Ms. Tate Mitchell

    What didn't I like?!

    Kids, all of which I personally teach can be exponentially difficult if they are not practicing, and it stunts their ability to move into a new direction and remember certain concepts. This, however, is a great way to cover up the class-like feeling, and turn it into a much more personal experience that gives them a sense of accomplishment when they finish a song!

  • So useful!

    I like these colorful 'Playlists' to help my student's remember their practice tasks for the week. There is enough room for me to put comments for 3-4 pieces, some technical work, a note to parents at the bottom (if needed), a spot for sight reading home work, and 5 columns where the student can put a tick against what they practice each day, if they want to.

    And for my online students, I have printed and posted them a set of these sheets – they keep them on a clipboard by their piano, and we fill them in at the end of each online lesson so they remember what to do through the week 🙂 And its a great way to help parents to know what's going on too.

    Thanks for the free download!

    By Liz

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