‘MuZikaalia Quest’ | Studio Music Curriculum & Resources

Looking for a comprehensive but flexible music program to teach music holistically and inspire a love of music in your students?  (Do they need a little extra motivation and encouragement along the way, to inspire them to keep learning and exploring music?)  Then you will love this innovative and exciting Music Curriculum, Incentive Program and Resources bundle!  

With NINE key music learning areas, and a whole bundle of rewards, inspiration and motivation built in, students engage, learn and grow musically.  All the prep & planning is done, so you can relax & enjoy teaching.  Flexible & versatile this ‘done-for-you’ music curriculum and music resources kit is great for beginner, elementary and intermediate levels. Suits both One-on-one AND Group class teaching styles!

There are two parts to the MuZikaalia Curriculum & Resource Mega Bundle. Read on for more details and to take a look through each part:

1. The ‘MuZikaalia Quest’ Studio Music Curriculum:

music curriculum

Created with the studio music teacher in mind, this music curriculum package takes care of the nitty-gritty of planning. Relevant multi-level learning tasks and goals are included, in a learning program that allows complete flexibility in delivery. In addition to this, a full set of teaching plans, notes and ideas is provided, saving your time and sanity!

Structured around NINE important aspects of music learning: Creating & Composing; Playing & Performing; Sight Reading; Collaboration; Memorization; Aural skills; Music Appreciation & Listening; Music Theory; and Music History. These creative learning zones provide students with a wide-ranging and enriching educational experience. Not only this, but this program is versatile to use and easy to combine with students’ other music goals. And it’s also great for both one-on-one and small group tuition. With all these resources at your finger tips, you decide how to sequence each students learning experience. Activities can be done in any order – Making it easy to customise a learning path for each child or group!

The MuZikaalia program creates it’s own ‘magical land’ to provide an intriguing learning adventure with 60 different, multi-level learning activities. It is designed with options for BOTH one-on-one tuition and group lessons. The program bundle includes an ‘adventure map’, colourful posters of each ‘destination’, the full set of teaching notes, plans, suggestions and ideas; and a motivating incentive program with the students ‘adventure scroll’, learning passport, achievement certificates, reward ‘dollars’. In addition to this, exciting intrinsic motivation, rewards and encouragement are built-in!

The Music Curriculum Pack includes:
  • The teaching program itself, with a bundle of teaching strategies, ideas and recommendations. Either use it as a stand-alone curriculum, or blend it with your favourite method books, exam syllabus or music festival and competition goals.
  • A colourful ‘scroll’ document, giving students the details of all the learning challenges.
  • ‘Passport’ containing the visas for each ‘destination’ and the musical learning activities to achieve there.
  • Nine vibrant and colourful posters, capturing the imagination and bringing the ‘magical’ land of Muzikaalia to life.  Each poster picture comes in FOUR sizes, from postcard size to use as a student handout, right through to wall display size to decorate your studio.
  • Ten achievement certificates – One for each learning ‘destination’, and a final certificate to award to all those who finish the adventure!
  • A full set of ‘MuZikaalia Money’ with a unique currency for each ‘destination’, and a printable, foldable ‘wallet’ envelope for students to store all their hard-earned ‘dollars’ in!
  • A map of the fantastical land of ‘MuZikaalia’, showing all the learning ‘destinations’ and contributing to an immersive Muzikaalia learning experience.  In addition to this, the map files are included in FIVE sizes, from postcard size for student handouts, right up to A2 for size room display.

Take a look through the complete ‘MuZikaalia Quest’ Music Curriculum Pack:

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2. The ‘MuZikaalia Quest’ Music Resources Kit:

music teaching resources and games

The MuZikaalia Music Resources Pack itself offers a bundle of 20 quality resources, to support and enhance the integral learning objectives of the program.  This includes games, activity packs, worksheets, work books, project kits, posters, and handouts. Moreover, it is custom designed with both sequential musical development and student engagement in mind. Additionally, these resources allow you to teach the many aspects of a good music education through exploration, discovery, fun and games.

Inspire your students to master new music skills through curiosity, variety, collaboration and a sense of personal achievement.  In fact, the MuZikaalia music resources will assist them in establishing a broad range of musical competencies while learning through play. The Music Resources Pack provides an eclectic learning path suitable for students who learn for pleasure as well as those who use method books, and those who pursue exams and competitions. Flexible to use, the resources can be used in any order.

In addition to this, all these innovative and appealing resources and games will become perennial favourites in your studio, useful time and again, extending their value even beyond the MuZikaalia curriculum itself!

The Music Resources Pack includes:
  • Student Activities Workbook – In two versions, for younger and older students.
  • Two different lapbook-style project kits – With 12+ activity pages each.
  • ‘Rhythm Infinity’ book for clever and creative rhythm training, including simple and compound time.
  • Two different multi-level composing activity kits – Catering for easy, elementary and intermediate levels.
  • ‘Happy Birthday’ sheet music arranged for four different levels of learning – Birthday fun for easy to late intermediate levels.
  • Seaworthy Sight Reading ‘Note Search’ card game to strengthen note naming and recognition – including four sequential learning levels, and a total of 130 different cards, covering treble and bass staff notes, leger lines, accidentals and enharmonic notes.
  • Seaworthy Sight Reading ‘Slap’ cards to advance sight reading fluency, speed and confidence – Six sequential levels of learning, with a total of 144 different cards, covering 2nds, 3rds, 4ths, 5ths, 6ths, 7ths and octaves.  A great way to master intervallic sight reading!
  • Four eye-catching posters teaching all the important tips and tricks for solid sight reading skills – Each poster is included in four sizes, from postcard to wall display size.
  • Eight sets of ‘Digital Flashcards’  for Rhythm reading, in 2/4, 3/4, 4/4 and 5/4 time.
  • Four sets of ‘Quiz Buster’ fun Music Theory cards – 166 cards in four sets covering signs, symbols, terms, notation, time signatures & key signatures.
  • ‘Quiz Buster’ theory game – print & play template and instructions.
  • Several additional handouts, work sheets and activities for body percussion, aural skills, music theory, performance review cards, and blank poster-making pages.  A fun way to help students learn and retain important material!

Take a look through the complete ‘MuZikaalia Quest’ Resources Pack:

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 Our MEGA Bundle includes BOTH the Music Curriculum Pack AND the matching Resource Pack, as shown above – AND with a huge 40% discount! (For more details about the purchase options, scroll down.)

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The MuZikaalia Resources are also offered in a variety of different sets, as well as independently, so you can get what you need.  For best value, you can currently SAVE 40% with the combined MuZikaalia Mega Bundle special offer, otherwise, simply select the smaller sets or individual materials you need. Details of all these options are below.  (The order below matches the order in the purchase list. Note, each bundle is already marked down, so no code is needed).

Bundled Purchase Options:

1/. ‘MuZikaalia Quest’ MEGA Bundle – Music Curriculum, Incentive Program & Resources Kit:

Get EVERYTHING shown here and SAVE 40% with this package. This bundle includes ALL the curriculum and planning materials, incentive & motivation materials, certificates, and posters. In addition to this it ALSO includes all the games, books, music, posters, composition kits, project kits, handouts and worksheets resource materials shown above.  Get the lot to be fully equipped with this BEST Value resource kit. At this price these comprehensive resources average just $3.50 each! But hurry, its for a short time only…

2/. ‘MuZikaalia Quest’ Music CURRICULUM Pack Only:

This pack gives you all the planning & motivational materials. It includes the wall Map, Passport, Dollars, Certificates, Destination Posters, students ‘Wallet’, Teacher’s program materials & Students Challenge ‘Scroll’.  So, if all you want is the music curriculum planning & motivation materials, this set will save you 25% compared to purchasing these items individually.

3/. ‘MuZikaalia Quest’ RESOURCES Pack only:

This pack includes the 20 unique and fun resources shown above. ALL the Rhythm Flashcards, Games, Posters, Theory Flashcards, Project Kits, Composition Kits, Handouts, Student Workbooks, ‘Rhythm Infinity’ book & ‘Happy Birthday’ sheet music, as shown.  So, if all you want is the resource materials, ready to print and play, this resource pack will save you 25% compared to purchasing these resources individually!

4/. ‘MuZikaalia’ Music Curriculum BASIC set only:

This basic music curriculum set includes the Teacher’s curriculum plan, Students Challenge ‘Scroll’, and the Display Map set. It is designed for those who don’t want the full music curriculum and music resources kit. (However, it does not include the 9 Destination Posters, the 10 Achievement Certificates, the ‘MuZikaalia Money’ pack, or the ‘MuZikaalia’ Passport. These items are all included in the ‘MEGA Bundle’ and also in the ‘Curriculum Pack’, both shown above.  Each of these individual items are also available separately – see below.

Individual Resource Purchase Options:

5/. ‘Quiz Buster’ Theory Flash Cards – US edition:

FOUR sets of Music Theory cards AND the ‘Quiz Buster Game’ template kit. It covers music signs, symbols, musical terms, and note values. 166 theory cards in total.  Additionally, extra blank cards also included for you to customise.  This set contains US terminology. (Click product title for more information)

6/. ‘Quiz Buster’ Theory Flash Cards – UK edition:

The same as the above set, but with UK terminology.  (Click product title for more information)

7/. Seaworthy’ Sight Reading ‘NOTE Search’ Cards:

Designed to teach note recognition with fun and games, this set has 130 note reading flashcards.  With FOUR graduated levels, this set includes a ‘Personal Best’ record chart for students, and three gaming options for multi-level fun in lessons.  For the purpose of teaching note identification, the ‘Note Search’ cards are designed to strengthen recognition of individual notes. This will help them identify the first note in a series so they can then build fluency using intervallic sight reading skills to be learned with the ‘Slap’ cards below. (Click product title for more information)

8/. Seaworthy’ Sight Reading ‘SLAP’ Cards:

All six levels, with 144 cards and THREE gaming options. This game is designed to teach intervallic sight reading in a sequential way. In fact, intervallic sight reading is the quickest method to achieve sight reading fluency, so these cards are super important!  (Click product title for more information)

9/. Sight Reading ‘Quick Tricks’ Posters – 4 pack:

Four unique ‘pirate themed’ sight reading posters. These colourful and engaging posters give you an easy way to teach all the basic ‘quick tricks’ or strategies needed for students to develop good sight reading habits. The poster set includes three sizes for each design. The A3 size posters are great to display around your studio, for students to refer to when needed. The smaller ones are excellent as a student handout to use at home! (Click product title for more information)

10/. Lapbook-style Project Kits – TWO Music History project kits:

One project kit helps students research and study any favourite composer/s, and the other project kit encourages students to learn about the connection between life and music while exploring the stories behind many famous historical hymns.  In either case, each project kit allows you to choose your own composers and music!

11/. TWO Multi-level Composition Kits:

Each multi-level project kit includes all the teaching materials and handouts needed for students to complete these activities. The ‘Art is Smart’ composition kit has both Elementary & Intermediate levels. The ‘Literary Genius’ composition kit has Elementary, Early Intermediate and Late Intermediate levels.

12/. ‘Happy Birthday’ Sheet Music:

The well-known favourite & fun birthday song – This set includes FOUR independent arrangements: Easy, Elementary, Early & Late Intermediate levels.  (Click product title for more information)

13/. ‘Rhythm Infinity’ book:

A book of fully randomisable rhythm patterns, with infinite variety.  It includes both SIMPLE & COMPOUND time. An innovative, fresh & fun way to drill rhythm vocab to improve students’ sight reading fluency – Ready to print & play! (Click product title for more information)

14/. MuZikaalia’ Student Activity Workbooks:

There are TWO versions included here, one for younger and one for older students. This set allows students to ‘build’ their own reference book, with several sections laid out, ready for them to complete: Music Dictionary; Music Appreciation & Listening (including elements of music definitions and descriptions vocab); Composer Biography profile worksheets; Composition Profiles for listening activities; and Manuscript Pages for writing their own compositions. (Click product title for more information)

15/. Handouts & Worksheets: 

Including a complete sheet of Aural intervals listening tips & song cues; a Body Percussion worksheet; blank Performance Review compliment cards; a blank Storyteller worksheet; & two blank poster-making pages for students to make their own posters about music theory, or well-known composers, or their favourite pieces.

These additional purchase options provide the ‘other half’ of the curriculum & motivation pack, for those who started out with the ‘Basic Curriculum’ pack:

16/. ‘MuZikaalia’ Destination Posters
17/. ‘MuZikaalia’ Achievement Certificates
18/. ‘MuZikaalia’ Money pack
19/. ‘MuZikaalia’ Passport

Not sure if the MuZikaalia Resources are right for you? Or which parts of it may best suit your teaching style?

Book an Online Consultation, to take a look through the ‘Muzikaalia Kit’ with Anne & ask any questions.

A 20 minute online consultation is only $10, and INCLUDES a $10 voucher for you to use on ANY of our resources!


General Information:

All our music resources and materials are available immediately, by digital download, from your customer account dashboard.  And don‘t forget, we maintain all your ’88 Musical Keys’ resources, in your own private, Customer Dashboard…for free. Purchase once, and you can download, print and use it ANY time – including any file upgrades we add!

LicensingFor great value, all options here include a Single Teacher Studio License:

You may print 88 Musical Keys music resources, activities, games, music, cards and posters for all the students you teach directly and personally, for your lifetime! (Music schools with multiple teachers will need to purchase a copy for each teacher using this material, of course. Contact us if you need a ‘multiple teacher’ license.) 

How to Download:

We recommend downloading these resources using a computer (rather than a phone or other device) to make it quick and easy, and a hard-wired internet connection will make it faster, of course.  Print it yourself, or take it to a print shop.  In either case, the PDF files are set up ready to print on both sides of the page, giving the flashcards, games, worksheet activities and kits a professional presentation.  Printing and playing instructions for all music resources are included! 


All our download files are in PDF format, ready to save, print and use. When printing, we recommend using either Adobe Acrobat Reader (free) PDF software, or ‘Nitro PRO’ software, to open & print our PDF resources.  You can also open our PDF files using Google Chrome, and print directly from there.  (Other PDF software may or may not print as reliably as these 3 options for our files.)

Unzipping’ Bundled Files:

Some files, especially our ‘bundles’ are in zipped folders to make them compact and easier to transfer.  To unzip these you can download a free program HERE

‘Online & On-Device’ teaching resources:

Our ‘online’ and ‘on-device’ teaching music resources, such as tutorials, slideshows and online/digital games, will be saved directly to your Google Drive, ready for you to use whenever needed.

We especially appreciate 5 star ratings, so if you purchase this product and have any concerns that may lower your rating, please contact us and we will endeavour to rectify any problem!

      If you have any questions, please check the FAQ’s at the bottom of our HOME page.  If your question is not answered there, please email us at info@88musicalkeys.com  –  Thank you!

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  • Brilliant - Great value!

    I purchased Muzikaalia Mega bundle recently in preparation for summer activities in my studio. I have enjoyed looking through all the material (a substantial amount!) and it looks fantastic! Can’t wait to get started – highly recommend 🙂

  • Impressed!

    What a wonderful, comprehensive bundle! It includes a huge collection of resources – games, flashcards, activities, project kits, composition worksheets, music, handouts, etc. And it also has all the planning done too! This will be a big time-saver for me.

    I’m impressed with the graphics and layout of the resources – I know my students are going to really love this, when we get started back this term. In addition to this, I reached out to the seller with a question about the products and they replied very quickly. Very happy all round!!

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