Rhythm Flashcards: Complete Level 1 & 2

Use in-person on a device, or via screen-share in online learning

rhythm flashcards

Rhythm Flashcards – Digital & Printable – Improve your students’ sight reading and rhythm vocabulary.

Discount Bundle – This is the COMPLETE Level 1 AND 2 Rhythm Flashcards –  Save 10%!

This double set focuses on all the basic rhythm patterns in 4/4, 3/4, 2/4 & 5/4 time signatures, using both notes and rests.

Note – This bundle includes all our Level 1 Rhythm Flash Cards – 1A, 1B, 1C, 1D, AND Level 2 Rhythm Flash Cards – 2A, 2B, 2C, 2D, for use on your device, and they can also be printed out to use as physical flash cards.

Each card is visually appealing, colourful, clearly laid out, and easy to use with your preference of clapping, tapping, taka-dimi, French time names, body percussion, or percussion instruments, etc.

120+ basic one & two bar rhythm patterns (in 8 different sets) and in four basic simple time signatures. These sets cover all the different possibilities of note combinations at this basic level, including: crotchets, minims, dotted minims, semibreves and quaver pairs (for our American friends that’s quarter notes, half notes, dotted half notes, whole notes and eighth note pairs 🙂  ) and the crotchet and minim rests. And the final slide in each set is an animated ‘Congratulations’ Gif slide – Great for student encouragement and motivation!

You can access these student-friendly flashcards from any device or computer, and use them in classroom teaching and private instrumental lessons – either online via Zoom, Skype or similar, or in person. Also printable on paper or thin card so you can use a physical copy if you prefer.

Easy to use with face-to-face teaching:
  • Open in Google Slides on your device (smart phone, tablet, iPad, computer, etc)
  • You can then click through the slides, as the student learns & performs the rhythm patterns right beside you
  • Enable it to ‘offline’ use, if you won’t have internet access in your lessons
Easy to use in online teaching:
  • Open in Google Slides
  • Start you Zoom call (or similar video conference call to your student)
  • When you want to use these online flash cards, share your screen & hop over to the Google Slides file
  • Simply click through the slides – as the student performs each one for you
  • If they are stuck, help them out by demonstrating it – so they can hear and copy it

Take a Look Inside Level 1: 
  • music resources for rhythm

Take a Look Inside Level 2: 
  • how to teach rhythm in music

Ideal to use in classroom teaching, small-group learning, or buddy lessons – access them with a computer or other device.

Purchase it once and use it forever, with all the students that you teach personally. (Studios with multiple teachers will need to buy a digital copy for each teacher.)

Save 10% with this set, compared to purchasing the individual items – This price is already marked down so you won’t need to worry about remembering a discount code during checkout.

If you prefer to purchase them individually, you can find them here:

Rhythm Flash Cards – Digital & Printable – Set 1 Note patterns in simple time

Rhythm Flash Cards – Digital & Printable – Set 2  Notes AND Rests in simple time

Looking for more creative and fun teaching resources?

These digital ‘Rhythm Cards’ are also included in the MuZikaalia Resources Pack:


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