‘Scales Detective’ Activity Sheet

Teach major & minor scales through keyboard exploration...

Looking for a way to teach scales and integrate theory into lessons?

Make piano scales EASY for students to remember – make them highly visual and add colour!  Choose which scale patterns you want – Major, Natural Minor, or Harmonic & Melodic minors, or get the Complete Set of pictorial scales and save time and money.  The Major scales and Natural Minor scales sets both contain two pages of worksheets each, and the Harmonic & Melodic Minor scales set contains four pages. Easy to print and hand out – They are a great tool for introducing students to keyboard scale patterns… Or for reinforcing scale patterns for those who forget!

Each set contains page/s designed especially for teaching piano scales, at the keyboard. Based on the interval pattern for each scale, students can colour in or highlight the note pattern needed, and add the fingering for each hand.  One of the most important things for piano students to remember where they put their thumbs – and these pictorial worksheets take care of that too!

For students who struggle with remembering the differences between the harmonic and melodic minor scales, this particular worksheet package puts both scales on the same page for direct comparison.  Students can see and memorise the differences!

Each scale also has an alternative page format intended specifically for theory students, where there is no need to teach finger numbers. Great for class work.  Music staff is also included so students can notate the scales as well, to reinforce the note patterns.

Pictorial Scales worksheets are also useful for distance learning online – helps students to visualise and learn each scale pattern quickly.

Two versions are included with each scale set – one version with US music terms and the other with UK music terms.  Choose the terms you prefer!

Take a look through these pictorial worksheets:

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Immediate Download – Build scales visually – Make them easier to remember!

Studio Licence – Buy once and print for all your own students that you teach personally. (Music schools will need to buy one per teacher.)  Although emailing files to students is not part of our Studio Licence agreement, this one is an exception during the Covid-19 pandemic – Teachers may email this file to their own students who are learning personally with them online during the Covid19 pandemic, and students may print the file for their own use. (Students may not share the file/s however).


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If you like a creative approach to teaching music, you may also like our interactive tutorial ‘Key Signatures Made Easy’ .  Great for both in-person and distance teaching, and helps connect scales to key signatures.





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  • Very Happy!

    I like the way these scales sheets are set out – makes it easy for students to follow. My students loved using highlight textas to colour in the patterns of notes for their scales. We use a new sheet for each scale they are learning, and stick them into their scrapbook, so they don't lose them. I have noticed that they are finding it easier to remember their scales finger patterns now! I plan on continuing to use these – great to have in my teaching tool kit.

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