Key Signatures Made Easy – Interactive Tutorial

This animated, interactive tutorial simplifies it right down to just 3 things to remember

music key signature quiz

Make Key Signatures EASY for your students!  There are just 3 things to remember, to comprehensively identify any and all of the 15 different key signatures – all the majors and relative minors.

Student friendly:

  • Brightly coloured modern cartoon style pictures
  • Simple text on each slide – explanations are kept simple & to the point
  • Includes ALL key signatures
  • Minimal use of music terms – making it ideal for everyone
  • Eye catching animations, to attract attention
  • Digital resource – Use on your device – Interactive

This Slide Show covers all 15 Key Signatures – Major AND Minor – That’s 30 keys in all:

  • ALL the Sharp Key Signatures
  • ALL the Flat Key Signatures
  • AND all the Relative Minor Key Signatures
  • A total of 38 slides, including 12 additional slides just for quizzing students, to make sure that they have learnt and remembered the content taught here
  • Both the US and the UK terminology are provided – you choose which you prefer to use
  • Great for AMEB, ABRSM, RCM & Trinity College music theory, and school music classes
  • Appropriate for classrooms and music studios, for individual or group tuition. Compatible with most devices, including smart phones, tablets, Ipads, computers, and distance learning via Zoom (or any other conferencing platform, which can share screen).
  • Choose either the US or UK version to have your preferred terminology

Tried and tested – used with music theory students from late elementary upwards.  A great tool to thoroughly teach and revise key signature identification. Students who learn these 3 basic rules for key signatures are able to quickly and confidently identify all key signatures on sight.

Take a Look Inside: 

  • music key signature quiz

This file can also be printed, if needed.  (And there is a one page summary at the end for easy reference & revision – makes a great student cheat-sheet!)

The companion teaching resource ’15 Key Signatures – The Board Game’ works well for revision following this tutorial – don’t forget to check it out too.  Or purchase these 2 companion teaching resources as a Key Signatures Discount Bundle Set, for immediate download to your Google Drive.

Purchase once and use it forever, with all the students that you teach personally. (Studios with multiple teachers will need to buy a digital copy for each teacher.)


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