The ‘Piano Scales Detective’ SHAKEDOWN!

The quickest way to LEARN & MASTER piano scales

Make piano scales EASY to learn, and FUN to master, with our comprehensive ‘Scales Shakedown’ Bingo Games.  Morph your students’ scales drill into something stimulating and engaging, with a bundle of UNIQUE bingo game boards and SIXTY-SIX quirky CHALLENGES! 

Great for all ages and stages – Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced levels.


  • ALL Major & Minor keys – Including THREE types of minor scales: Harmonic, Melodic & Natural minor
  • THREE different gaming levels take students from the easy Elementary level, through Intermediate levels, to the finger twisting fun Advancing level!
  • Level 1 – Easy:  Challenges are mostly hand separately, allowing students to master the note patterns and fingerings before moving on
  • Level 2 – Early Intermediate:  Challenges now include plenty of work for hands together and in contrary motion, for developing pianists
  • Level 3 – Late Intermediate to Advanced:  Now the challenge level is increased to include lots of quirky tricks and twists – great for keeping more advanced students engaged with their technical work!
  • The ‘Shakedown Games’ combine easily with the ‘Scales Detective Pictorial Worksheets’ – making scale patterns and their special fingerings MEMORABLE and engaging – What better way for kids to learn scales than to colour-code the note & finger patterns for themselves?
  • Each game set includes a unique, colourful Leader Board, allowing you to easily run a studio-wide ‘Scales Challenge Comp’ – and build motivation levels to encourage all to achieve their personal best!  (This could work well for a summer piano camp too!)
  • Help students take responsibility for their own learning, by letting them track their own progress with the ‘Personal Best Charts’ which are ALSO included with every set

The ‘Scales Shakedown’ Bingo Games give you a BIG bundle of practice tricks and strategies, to get students happily drilling and mastering their scales.

Scales mastery is so important, as it leads to improved technique and fluency on piano, a good tactile memory of the ‘keyboard geography’ of each key, and a better understanding of the building blocks of music theory.

Take a look through all three levels:

Elementary – Intermediate – Advanced
The ‘Scales Detective SHAKEDOWN’ games makes mastering scales FUN!

This scales teaching bundle is also designed to work alongside the scales requirements in all piano exam syllabi  – What a fun way to prepare for piano exams!

Are you just getting students started on scales? Do you need an easy way to help students learn scale notes and finger patterns?  Check out our ‘Scales Detective PICTORIAL Worksheets’ below:

These practical, hands-on activity sheets allow students to ‘build’ each scale by picture – helping them to understand the pattern of notes and fingerings. The ‘Scales Detective Pictorial Worksheets’ make piano scales EASY for students to remember.  Teaching scales through keyboard exploration – students colour in the notes needed, and write on their finger patterns you provide.  Take it one step further, and make scales come alive by ‘colour coding’ scale notes to match the groups of 3’s and 4’s found in the fingering for each scale – how practical!

Take a look through the ‘Pictorial Scales’ Worksheets:

  • how to teach kids scales

All the Scales Shakedown Game levels AND the Pictorial Scales Worksheets are Available Immediately:

Printing – The Scales Detective Games & Worksheets are easy to download and print.  Print them yourself – all the printing instructions are included – or take it to a print shop if you prefer.  These PDF game files are set up ready to print on both sides of the page, with the game rules on the back of each game board.  All playing instructions are included, to keep it user-friendly!

Studio Licensed You may print this game for all the students you teach directly and personally, for life.  Music schools with multiple teachers will need to purchase a copy for each teacher using this material.


Purchase Options Explained:

1/. BIG Scales Bundle – All 3 levels of the ‘Scales SHAKEDOWN Games’ AND also all the ‘Pictorial Scales’ Worksheets, AND all 4 Leader Boards – SAVE 20% with this big bundle.  This option will give you everything shown here – All the games, pictorial worksheets, student’s ‘personal best’ chart and all 4 leader boards – with a BIG saving of 20%

2/. ‘Scales SHAKEDOWN’ Triple Game Bundle – This option will give you ALL three levels of the Shakedown Games, and the ‘personal best’ chart AND all 4 leader boards (it does not include the ‘Pictorial Worksheets’). This option saves 15%

3/. ‘Scales Detective Shakedown’ – Level 1 – Elementary:  Includes the level 1 game, and the matching Level 1 Leader Board, and the ‘Personal Best’ chart

4/. ‘Scales Detective Shakedown’ – Level 2 – Early Intermediate:  Includes the Level 2 game, and the matching Level 2 Leader Board, and the ‘Personal Best’ chart

5/. ‘Scales Detective Shakedown’ – Level 3 – Late Intermediate to Advancing: Includes the Level 3 game, and the matching Level 3 Leader Board, and the ‘Personal Best’ chart

6/.  Scales Detective ‘Pictorial Worksheet’ Sets – This option is for those who already have the Shakedown Scale Games, and now want to quickly add on these helpful & fun worksheets – Save 15% on this complete set of pictorial worksheets, compared to purchasing each of the worksheets separately.

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