Music Quiz – Digital Flashcards Game

Make music theory FUN with this interactive 'Flash Cards' Quiz Game!

Theory can feel tedious – there are so many things to remember even in the elementary levels!  Make music theory FUN for your students with this music Flashcards Quiz Came to reinforce music theory skills!

This musical Quiz Game includes all the important, fundamental music signs, symbols and terms.  Above all, it helps students build a broader music vocabulary:

  • Basic notation commonly found in grade 1 theory courses – including many notes & rests
  • Dynamic markings – from soft through to loud, and crescendo & diminuendo
  • Basic articulation – legato & staccato, slurs, etc
  • Terms for both tempo & dynamics
  • Clefs & leger lines – up to 3 leger lines above & below each staff – with a helpful memory tip included
  • Key signatures – C major, G major, D major, A minor & E minor – in Treble & Bass clefs
  • Sharps, flats & natural signs
  • Intervals – 2nds, 3rds, 4ths, 5ths, 6ths, 7ths & octaves
  • US and UK terms both available – Choose the set with the music terminology you prefer


Student friendly design features:

  • Brightly coloured, modern layout
  • Each flash card slide is clearly set out – Questions and answers are kept simple & succinct
  • Eye catching animations, to catch students attention
  • A useful Digital Resource – Use in online lessons via screen-share, or on your device
  • Interactive – students can roll a video dice, and click on questions & answers
  • An animated ‘Congratulations’ slide rewards students at the end of each section
  • Teacher setting up and Game rules are all included


This bundle contains a total of 76 slides. Both the US and the UK terminology are provided – choose which you prefer to use.

  • Great for AMEB, ABRSM, RCM & Trinity College music theory, early grades, and school music classes
  • Appropriate for classrooms and private music studios, for either individual or group tuition.  Compatible with most devices, including tablets, Ipads, computers, smart phones, and distance learning via Zoom (or any other conferencing platform, which can share screen).
  • Built in Google Slides, it will be stored in your Google Drive to access online or offline any time.
  • Tried and tested – used with music theory students from beginner to late elementary and early intermediate.

Studio Licensed:  Purchase once and use it forever, with all the students that you teach personally. (Studios with multiple teachers will need to buy a digital copy for each teacher.)


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