‘Go FISH!’ Music Intervals Games & Studio Challenge

Help students MASTER Intervallic Sight Reading with Fun & Games

Do your students need to improve their music intervals recognition? Help them master them faster with a Card Game and Studio Challenge! 

Conquering music intervals recognition helps students become familiar with the language of music, improve their intervallic sight reading skills and fluency, understand music theory, and learn the building blocks of chords… But intervals can be pretty dry and boring, unless you use a CARD GAME with a Studio Challenge!

The Complete Bundle Includes everything listed here: 

1 – The ‘Go FISH!’ Interval Game in THREE levels, progressing from Easy to Intermediate:

  • Level 1 – Great for beginner and early elementary students – Simple notation – No clefs – Intervals are matched by number only, in this level. Includes 48 cards – choose the cards you want your students to learn.
  • Level 2 – Extends interval reading, and includes both treble and bass staff – Intervals are matched by number in this level also. Includes 139 cards in this set – choose the cards you want your students to learn.
  • Level 3 – The CHALLENGE is increased!  Intervals are given in several different keys (using accidentals) and are matched by quality as well as number in this level.  This set includes 200 cards – choose the cards & keys you want your students to learn.
  • Each card game level includes Game Rules & three BONUS Game Variations… Keeping it FUN!  And all three games work with the GoFISH! LeaderBoard too – Students of all levels can get involved & sharpen up their skills!
  • Student Friendly – All cards are double sided, with eye-catching, custom designed ‘card backs’ – making it feel like a ‘real’ card game

2 – Two BRIGHT ‘Interval Info’ Posters: Do your students need a prompt, to help them remember how to name intervals?  Add in our Interval Info Posters in THREE sizes – Large ones are great for room display, and the smaller size is perfect as a student handout!

3 – Studio Challenge LeaderBoard – Inspire and Motivate students to master interval recognition with a Studio Gaming Challenge – Keep a track of their victories right here on our matching Leader Board poster!

4 – Studio License – for every item.  Buy it once and use it with all the students that you teach directly – you can even print card sets for students to play with at home!


Need a closer look at these materials?

Take a Look Through Set 1:

  • interval reading music card game, ready to print, ready to play, beginners


Take a Look Through Set 2:

  • musical intervals card game, ready to print, ready to play, elementary level sight reading


Take a Look Through Set 3:

  • fun game for pitch reading musical intervals, ready to print, ready to play, multiple levels


Take a Look at the Interval Posters:

  • sight reading music posters, ready to print, multiple levels


…And you can easily set up a Studio Challenge with the ‘Go FISH’ LeaderBoard!

  • fun studio challenge game, leader board, sight reading music game
    Get everyone involved with a Studio Challenge Board!

Flexible Use:
  • Use the games with students in one-to-one music lessons
  • Great for a group classes – either instrumental or theory!
  • A FUN way to improve music theory skills
  • Use the LeaderBoard to motivate students to continue to gain competency with intervals
  • These cards are also great to use as Flash Cards – use them to reinforce keyboard geography as well as intervals
Versatile Purchase Options:
  • Get the complete  Go FISH! Card Game Bundle with 20% OFF –  This includes ALL three card game sets, and both posters – All with Studio License – use it with all the students that you teach directly
  • Alternatively, you can just get the items you need now – Each of the above items are available individually, and also include Studio License.

Print it yourself, or take it to a stationery shop.  We have designed all the files in a ready-to-print format – Printing Instructions and Game Playing Rules are all included.  And the best thing about buying a Studio Licensed product, is that when the cards or posters start to look a bit worn, you can easily get a fresh new set, without having to buy it all again!


intervallic sight reading, music game, music intervals, keyboard geography, piano teaching resources, music theory


Do you need to help students connect intervals with KEYBOARD GEOGRAPHY?  It’s a great way to improve sight reading fluency too – Check out our Interval Detective Card Games AND Board Game – check it out HERE





sight reading flashcards online, music flashcards, intervallic sight reading, how to teach sight reading, music intervals, studio challenge


Looking for more sight reading resources?  Check out our digital Pitch Reading Flash Cards and our digital Rhythm Reading Flash Cards   Great to use via screen share for online lessons, or for in-person lessons use them on your smart phone, iPad or computer.




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