SNAP! Rhythm Game Cards

Give your students more fun and games with this Rhythm Snap!

easy rhythm game

Make teaching and testing Rhythm Skills a bundle of fun… With 80 snap cards, and approximately 40 different note values and combinations, rhythm need never get boring again!

Flexible – you can choose which cards to include in this rhythm game – use only cards students know, to test their prior learning, or add new note cards, to get them curious!

VersatileNeed a game for early elementary students?  Select the cards with all the basic notes and rests.  Need a rhythm game for late elementary students?  Add in all the tricky note values and patterns too!  Sick of playing Snap?  No problem – instructions are included to turn this into a Memory Match game for variety!

Handy – Useful for 2 to 6 players, this game can be played in a group class, piano party, or a private lesson.  You can also use them as Flash Cards!

Link this game to the concept of relative note values, with the NOTE VALUE PYRAMID Posters – showing the time value relationship between all the basic note values.  Includes the poster with both US and UK terms, and in 3 sizes (Note: this poster set is the same as the one included in our Rhythm Builder Bundle – if you already have that one, then just select the ‘SNAP! Rhythm Cards only’ purchase option.  View the Rhythm Builder resources – HERE)

Improving students’ rhythm skills is very important – and also improves sight reading fluency, ear training, composition and theory skills.

Take a look inside this resource:

  • a fun way to learn notes, rhythm, sight reading, beginner, elementary, intermediate, music theory

Ready to print and play – Set-up instructions and Game rules are all included.  In addition to the original Snap instructions, 3 more game variations are also included.

Easy to print – you can print it yourself or take it to a print shop.  All the cards are vibrant and colourful, so they look professional.  The artwork is laid out double sided ready to print and play.


Purchase Options Explained:

  • Get the complete ‘SNAP! Rhythm Cards & Poster Bundle’ with 10% OFF –  This includes ALL the above cards, game instructions and ‘Note Value Pyramid Posters’.  (All with Studio Licence – use it with all the students that you teach directly.)  If you already have our ‘Note Value Pyramid Posters’ set, be sure to just get the SNAP! Rhythm Cards only.
  • Alternatively, you can just get the ‘SNAP Rhythm Cards’ only – This includes the SNAP Rhythm Cards, game instructions, and 3 extra variations to play, AND also comes with Studio Licence.


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Looking for a complete rhythm resource pack?

View the Rhythm Builder resources – HERE




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