‘Seaworthy Sight Reading’ Posters

Students can find it challenging to remember all the note names and where to find them on their instrument. They need a simple and systematic way to tackle note reading. Make it easier and more fun with these FOUR ‘Quick Tricks’ for note recognition. A great way to boost sight reading and music theory skills!

This set of four eye-catching posters, teaches four simple tips and tricks for solid note reading skills, in a straight forward and engaging way. In a logical progression, each poster deals with one important step needed to build confident note recognition.

Avoiding the use of old style mnemonics, which tend to retard sight reading fluency, these posters lay out a simple system for reading music. The first poster explains how the clef ‘unlocks’ the meaning of the staff lines. The second poster demonstrates the way that staff lines show us how low or high notes are, and gives the basic ‘landmark’ notes of G, F and C on treble and bass. For quicker note reading, the third poster helps students memorise the lines and spaces easily. The fourth poster then extends sight reading to include leger lines above and below both the treble and bass staves – it’s easy with ACE!

These bright and colourful posters give you an easy way to teach foundational strategies needed for students to develop good sight reading habits. The quirky ‘pirate’ theme throughout is appealing, and makes the strategies very memorable. Custom designed for primary aged students, but you may find the older ones taking a surreptitious glance for help too!

This poster set includes FOUR sizes for each design. The A3 and A4 size posters are great to display around your studio, for students to refer to when needed. The smaller postcard sizes make an excellent student handout, for students to use as a ready reference at home! (For other paper sizes, select ‘fit to page’ in your printer properties.)

Take a look through the Seaworthy Sightreading ‘Quick Tricks’ poster set:

These ‘Seaworthy Sight Reading’ Posters are also found in the MuZikaalia Resources Pack:

Need some FUN sight reading flashcards and games, to take students through to complete sight reading confidence and mastery?

Reinforce Note Recognition:
Our Seaworthy Sight Reading ‘Note Search’ cards are a fun way to practice & consolidate students note recognition skills!

Teach Intervallic Reading:

Our Seaworthy Sight Reading ‘SLAP’ cards extend students sight reading skills from basic note recognition into fast and fluent INTERVALLIC sight reading!


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