‘Seaworthy Sight Reading’ Kit

This sight reading kit gives you our complete ‘Seaworthy Sight Reading’ resources bundle!

Designed to assist teachers in improving students’ note recognition and sight reading skills, this resource kit gives you a complete set of posters and flashcards that work together to mobilise music literacy!

Too often as music teachers we end up with students who struggle with sight reading, despite our best efforts. Somehow, they seem to miss the basic concepts that make sight reading easy… And once they move past the beginner books, their later material often assumes that they are already comfortable with sight reading. This fundamental music skill can easily be inadvertently be overlooked.

Our ‘Seaworthy Sight Reading’ resource bundle is useful in two ways: to teach healthy, proactive sight reading; and to remediate poor sight reading skills for students who are struggling. These resources focus firstly on ‘unlocking’ the grand staff ‘code’ to help students recognise individual notes, and secondly on teaching ‘intervallic’ passage reading skills for fluent, fast and confident sight reading. These posters and flashcards are easy to use and student friendly. Your students will soon be blitzing their sight reading, and learning new pieces more easily and efficiently, and isn’t that what every student and teacher wants?!

This BIG VALUE ‘Seaworthy Sight Reading’ bundle includes:

1/. The Sight Reading ‘Quick Tricks’ Posters:

Let the posters do the teaching for you! With four simple strategies to get students reading music on both treble and bass, and on leger lines above and below the staves. In a logical, sequential progression, each poster deals with one of the four important steps needed to build confident and easy note recognition.

Avoiding the use of old style mnemonics, which have been shown to retard sight reading fluency, these posters teach a simple system for reading music.

  • The first poster demonstrates for students how each clef is actually the ‘key’ to ‘unlocking’ the staff lines.
  • The second poster covers the grand staff as a ‘graph’, showing how low or high the notes are. It also gives students the basic ‘landmark’ notes of G, F and C on both treble and bass.
  • To build ‘speed reading’ skills, the third poster helps students memorise the lines and spaces easily, just like ‘skip counting’ in maths!
  • And the fourth poster extends sight reading skills to ‘unlock’ the leger lines above and below both the treble and bass staves – it’s so easy with ACE!

These bright and colourful posters give you an easy way to teach important foundational strategies needed for students to develop good sight reading habits. The quirky ‘pirate’ theme throughout is appealing, and makes these reading strategies very memorable. Custom designed for children through to young teens – but you may find the older ones taking a surreptitious glance for help too!

Take a look through the ‘Seaworthy Sight Reading’ Posters:

Each poster design is included in FOUR sizesUse the larger ones for room display and the smaller ones as mini-posters or ‘postcards’ for students to use at home!

2/. The Seaworthy Sight Reading ‘NOTE Search’ sets:

Use these flash cards in conjunction with the posters to teach secure note recognition – Help students gain fluency naming and locating notes both on the staff and on their instrument. With 130 unique note cards, this resource is divided into four sequential sets to keep it easy to use:

  • The first level reinforces recognition of notes on treble and bass staff
  • The second level teaches leger line notes above and below both treble and bass staff
  • Level 3 then extends note reading skills to include accidentals with notes on the treble & bass staff
  • And the fourth level challenges students to recognise leger line notes with accidentals
  • Note: Levels 3 and 4 both include enharmonic notes, and ‘white note’ sharps and flats, helping students master these tricky concepts
  • And a ‘Personal Best’ score chart is also included: Use it as a helpful tool to motivate and encourage students to practice sight reading, increase fluency and confidence, and build up a ‘personal best’ reading time.

Take a look through the ‘Seaworthy Sight Reading’ NOTE Cards:

This set is very versatile – You can use these sets as note ‘flashcards’ for naming and playing; as a ‘Memory Match’ Game laid out on the table or floor; and also as a friendly ‘Snap’ Game to really speed up note recognition skills! Great to use in individual lessons, and ideal to use in group classes. This versatility makes note learning more fun! And it’s a sneaky way to give students the extra repetition they need to help them memorize the notes...

3/. The Seaworthy Sight Reading ‘SLAP’ Cards:

Teach students to read music like a road map, recognising direction and distance at a glance – a much quicker way to read music! Mastering intervallic sight reading requires lots of practice, so these ‘SLAP’ Cards give you a big bundle of fresh, new material with 144 pitch pattern cards, curated in SIX sequential levels

  • Each of the six levels contains 24 cards, covering both treble and bass staff, and giving plenty of pattern reading practice and revision
  • Easy sequential pacing: Each successive level throws a new interval into the mix, allowing student to progress comfortably, while still extending their sight reading ability
  • In addition to this, the final set revises and tests pattern reading skills, with note patterns containing ALL intervals up to an octave.  A great way to check students’ learning & retention!
  • And you can DOUBLE the value… For even more variety, students love the quirkiness of reading them backwards too…!

Take a look through the ‘Seaworthy Sight Reading’ SLAP cards:

‘SLAP Cards’ make sight reading drill FUN – Watch students become adept at reading pitch patterns, and building fluency and confidence!

4/. The ‘Music Intervals’ Poster Pair – with ‘Cat & Dog’ theme:

Understanding music intervals is an important part of helping students become fluent in the language of music. And it is especially important for gaining intervallic sight reading skills! This poster pair has two colourful posters demonstrating the two basic concepts necessary to understand musical intervals:

  • The first poster demonstrates how intervals are numbered.  Students will learn how to ‘count’ the size of an interval; which intervals have two notes on a line or two notes on a space; and which intervals have both a line and a space note.
  • The second poster demonstrates how students can work out the ‘quality’ of an interval – namely, major, minor and perfect intervals
  • Colourful cartoons engage students’ attention, and teach the main concepts.
  • Each poster comes in three sizes.  Firstly, use the larger ones for room display, and secondly use the smaller ones as a student ‘handout’, to help them remember the important points

Take a look through the ‘Cat & Dog’ Interval reading posters:

  • sight reading music posters, ready to print, multiple levels

Turn your students into SUPER SIGHT READERS – Help them master Sight Reading with FUN & GAMES!

Purchase Options explained:
  1. ‘Get the LOT’ Big Bundle – Includes EVERYTHING shown here – ALL six posters, and BOTH sets of flashcards & games. This bundle is great value giving you lots of sight reading teaching resources and saving you 30%! 
  2. The ‘Seaworthy Sight Reading’ Pirate Posters set – This is the FOUR poster teaching set, with a ‘pirate’ theme, shown above. And each poster is ready to print in four different sizes.
  3. The Seaworthy Sight Reading ‘NOTE Search’ Cards: All FOUR levels – 130 cards in total, and the gaming instructions, and the personal best motivational charts.
  4. The Seaworthy Sight Reading ‘SLAP’ Cards: All SIX levels of  the ‘Seaworthy Sight Reading SLAP Cards’ – 144 cards in total, on 24 pages, and the gaming instructions. 
  5. The ‘Music Intervals Poster Pair’ set – This is the two-poster set, with Cat & Dog theme, shown above.

sight reading music

This complete ‘Seaworthy Sight Reading’ resource kit is also included in our ‘MuZikaalia Quest’ Resources Pack

Check it out for a big value program of creative teaching resources!

General Information:

All these materials are available immediately, by digital download, from your customer account dashboard.  And don‘t forget, we maintain all your ’88 Musical Keys’ resources, in your own private, Customer Dashboard…for free. Purchase once, and you can download, print and use it ANY time – including any file upgrades we add!

LicensingFor great value, all options here include a Single Teacher Studio License:

You may print these activities, games, music, cards and posters for all the students you teach directly and personally, for your lifetime! (Music schools with multiple teachers will need to purchase a copy for each teacher using this material, of course. Contact us if you need a ‘multiple teacher’ license.) 

How to Download:

We recommend downloading these resources using a computer (rather than a phone or other device) to make it quick and easy, and a hard-wired internet connection will make it faster, of course.  Print it yourself, or take it to a print shop.  In either case, the PDF files are set up ready to print on both sides of the page, giving the flashcards, games, worksheet activities and kits a professional presentation.  Printing and playing instructions for all resources are included! 


All our download files are in PDF format, ready to save, print and use. When printing, we recommend using either Adobe Acrobat Reader (free) PDF software, or ‘Nitro PRO’ software, to open & print our PDF resources.  You can also open our PDF files using Google Chrome, and print directly from there.  (Other PDF software may or may not print as reliably as these 3 options for our files.)

Unzipping’ Bundled Files:

Some files, especially our ‘bundles’ are in zipped folders to make them compact and easier to transfer.  To unzip these you can download a free program HERE

‘Online & On-Device’ teaching resources:

Our ‘online’ and ‘on-device’ teaching resources, such as tutorials, slideshows and online/digital games, will be saved directly to your Google Drive, ready for you to use whenever needed.

We especially appreciate 5 star ratings, so if you purchase this product and have any concerns that may lower your rating, please contact us and we will endeavour to rectify any problem!

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