Music Theory ‘Quiz Buster’ Game!

Game & Flashcards

Are you looking for resources to make Music Theory fun and engaging? Do you need to help students learn and understand the language of music. but want to avoid the dry & boring approach? Then look no further! This BIG set of 165 music theory flashcards includes signs, symbols, terms, notation, time signatures, key signatures, and customizable blank cards… AND the ‘Quiz Buster’ theory GAME!

A fun, modern resource for the good ‘ole fashioned rudiments of music!

This ‘Quiz Buster’ Theory Bundle features:

  • ‘Musical Terms’ – 72 quiz cards dedicated to teaching musical terms and definitions
  • ‘Notation & Rests’ – 31 more flashcards dealing with notation, rhythm and meter
  • ‘Signs & Symbols’ Flashcards – 32 more quiz cards covering a whole host of music signs, symbols, notes, rests & time signatures
  • ‘Key signature Cards’ – Including all 30 key signatures, both major and relative minor
  • Customizable blank theory card template – Just in case these 165 theory cards are not enough, you can use this blank theory card template to add more!
  • Our ‘Quiz Buster’ theory game – A great way to make music theory FUN! Print & play decals, score cards, and ‘treasure’ bonus wild cards all included, along with game instructions for TWO gaming alternatives

A GREAT way to liven up music theory in your one-on-one lessons… And a bundle of FUN to use with group classes!

Take a look through the ‘Quiz Buster’ Music Theory Bundle:

Giving students a good understanding of music theory is so important – it impacts students’ sight reading, musical interpretation and performing, and also their ability to read and write music.

Make theory fun, and turn students into well-rounded, competent young musicians!

All the Flashcard Sets AND the ‘Quiz Buster’ Game are Available Immediately:

Printing – These theory flashcards and games are ready to download and print.  Print them yourself – all the printing instructions are included – Or take it to a print shop if you prefer.  These PDF files are set up ready to print on both sides of the flash cards.  All playing instructions are included, to keep it user-friendly!

Single Teacher Studio License You may print this game for all the students you teach directly and personally, for life.  Music schools with multiple teachers will need to purchase a copy for each teacher using this material.

Note – The ‘Quiz Buster’ Music Theory Set is also in our MuZikaalia Resources Pack:

Click HERE to view the MuZikaalia Resource Pack

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