Music History: ‘The Haydn Project’

Making Music History & Appreciation a Bundle of Fun!

 Have you ever wished you could integrate the history of music and music appreciation in a holistic way for your students?  Then you will love this comprehensive unit study about the life and music of Joseph Haydn!  Designed to engage many learning styles with hands-on activities.  An ideal resource to teach music history in a student-friendly way. Nurture a love of music and musical understanding in your students!

With this Project Kit you will get:
  • The Study Guide, the Activity Pack and the Listening Log:  All the information that you need for this unit study.
  • The ‘Study Guide’ includes the life history of the composer, their musical life and achievements, the stylistic features of their music.
  • The ‘Activity Pack’ contains seven different projects to inspire students to dig into the topic.  Hands-on learning activities to appeal to visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learners.
  • The ‘Listening Log’ booklet activity which students can use while listening to Haydn’s music.  You select the music and the listening log booklet helps students aurally analyse and understand Haydn’s music using the ‘elements of music’ concept.
  • Save hundreds of hours – all the prep work is done!  Teacher set-up information and student instructions are all included.
  • Enough material for several lessons.  Or, alternatively, you can simplify it and just use the activities that best suit your teaching goals.
  • Over 38 pages of information and practical learning activities for students!
Suitable for a wide range of ages and abilities.  Great for both group classes and individual instrumental tuition.

A fun way to prepare for musicianship exams and the viva-voce component of instrumental exams.

Take a look through:


Studio Licence – Buy once and print for all your own students that you teach personally. (Music schools will need to buy one per teacher.)

music key signature quiz


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