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Looking for a student-friendly, fun way to teach your students about famous composers? Look no further! Use this kit to inspire your students to explore music history and learn about famous composers, through curiosity, craft, and collaboration. Give them a sense of personal achievement, as they broaden their understanding of both music and life through music history.

This lapbook-style activity kit helps students research and study any of their favourite composers. Learning about composers lives is also a great way to help students explore connections between life and music.

With seven custom designed, unique activities included, there is plenty to keep students busily exploring their music history composer topic! Each activity focuses on one aspect of the composer’s life they are learning about. These activities include cutting, pasting, writing and folding – which is especially engaging for those who learn through ‘doing’. As students complete each of the seven activities, they build a deeper understanding of that person’s life and achievements.

This activities kit allows you to choose your own composers – You can either choose the composer for the students, or allow them to decide who they want to research… And you can use these activities time and again as you cover many different composers!

–> Flexible, Easy to use AND Multilevel-friendly: All printing and teaching instructions are included, as well as instructions for students. And of you are using it in a multilevel class, each student can complete these music history activities at their own level. This project kit is great to use in individual lessons, and ideal to use in group classes.

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