‘Recital Prep’ | Practice Bundle

Streamline your recital preparations with inspirational and engaging practice materials.  Make concert prep less stressful and more fun with this ‘recital prep kit’, giving students the practice and performance tips and tricks they need!

This special Recital Bundle gives you three handy resources and a 20-35% discount:
  • ‘Recital Shakedown’ performance practice game – useful in both individual lessons, and group classes – a fun way to help students ‘pressure test’ their pieces!
  • ‘My Bag of Practice Tricks’ – with 43 cool practice tricks to make mid-week practice more efficient and effective – Choose either the Children’s edition or the Older Student’s edition, and be equipped for all ages
  • ‘Star Starts’ Practice Game – a simple and effective game to help students have fun randomising practice, practicing shorter sections, polishing their pieces ready for performance, and resist their natural urge to always start at the beginning and do big laps!

The ‘Recital Prep Bundle’ resource details:

1. ‘Recital Shakedown’ performance game:
Help your students get rid of those pesky performance nerves, and loosen things up with this fun recital prep performance game! ‘Recital Shakedown’ is a cool piano performance game, to help students develop performance skills.  The engaging artwork makes it feel like a ‘real’ music game.  It includes 50 challenge cards, issuing a multitude of fun ‘performance challenges’.  Tackling these quirky performance challenges helps students improve focus skills and strengthens their ability to ignore distractions while playing. Game rules for TWO playing versions are included, to help students see the fun side of performance.  Use it in an individual lesson to ‘pressure test’ recital pieces, or play it in a group class to help students realise that they are not alone in facing their nerves!  Even better, why not hold a ‘Piano Party’ class as part of your recital preparations?  Of course, the studio license also lets you print extra copies as ‘party favors’ to give students to use it as a piano practice game at home!
  • Great for a Group Class or Piano Party!  Printing & set-up instructions and Game Rules are all included – Makes it easy to use in your group classes.
  • Play the game in individual lessons!  Use it to create a memorable piano lesson with just teacher and student during lesson time.  A second set of instructions are also included for how to play the game one-on-one.
  • Useful for both In person AND Online lessons!  A great way to have some fun with ‘performance practice’ in online and hybrid lessons.  Use it to help you run an online Zoom ‘performance class’ when face-to-face classes are not possible.
2. ‘My Bag of Practice Tricks’ book:
Full of helpful, accessible and engaging practice strategies developed from years of music teaching beginner to advanced students.  The concise, colourful, student-friendly layout in this little book gives lots of practice help, encouraging your students to make the best use of the six days in between their music lessons!  Teachers can use the book’s learning strategies in lessons, to support and reinforce its use at home.
  • 43+ efficient and fun Practice Tricks to make mid-week practice more effective – These practice ‘tricks’ give you lots and lots ‘games’ for students to play with their pieces.  An easy way to teach them how to maintain their practice focus throughout the week.
  • Includes 11 BOREDOM BUSTING Practice Tricks specifically for technical work – great for exam prep
  • The student-friendly design entices students to engage & achieve – Bright colours & cartoon pictures support the text throughout
  • ‘Tricks’ for all stages of learning, from starting a new piece, through deep learning, polishing and performing
  • Fosters healthy meta-cognitive learning – subliminally teaching students to learn how they learn, and harness the benefit of this
  • Makes professional practice strategies accessible to students in a fun and easy way
  • Gives even non-musical parents a way of helping at home – take the stress factor out of practice time at home

These practice tricks can be used and combined in many different ways, making them very versatile… and even addictive!  What a great way to learn, memorise and polish pieces ready for recitals, exams, competitions and festivals.

Note – We offer two different editions of the ‘Bag of Tricks’ book: 
The original Children’s Edition is suitable for primary aged students, playing late elementary pieces right through to advanced pieces.  The Older Students Edition is great for teens and adults – it contains the same content, but the text, layout and graphics are upgraded and streamlined to appeal to older students.  In the purchase options (to the right) you can select which ‘Bag of Tricks’ edition you would like to include in this bundle deal, or select the last purchase options to get BOTH editions and cover all students ages and levels.
3. ‘Star Starts’ Practice Game:
A simple and effective Practice Game to help students get used to starting anywhere in their pieces.  You will love how this improves their fluency & confidence!
  • In this simple and fun game you get all three versions – ‘Star Starts’ – ‘Smile Starts’ – ‘Odd Spots’  This includes all the double sided cards ready to print, and the set-up and game-play instructions.
  • Pair it with a packet of stickers, and use this game in lesson time, to get your students started.  Then, send it home with them to use through the week.
  • This game takes an important practice strategy and makes it easy and irresistible.  Students love this game, and enjoy seeing their pieces improve quickly and feel more secure.
  • A great way to boost confidence – especially useful before recitals and exams.
  • Use it to enhance your Distance Learning – this game is great for online and hybrid lessons too.  The Studio License allows you to print it and hand it out, to help your students problem solve their own practice issues in the week between lessons.
Take a look through the ‘Recital Shakedown Game’:

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    Surprise your students...

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Take a look through the ‘My Bag of Practice Tricks’ Children’s edition:

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Take a look through the Older Students’ edition:
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Take a look at the ‘Star Starts Game’:

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Watch a review from a multi-instrument teacher about the original Practice Kit:


‘Recital Prep Kit’ Flexible Purchase Options:

  1. ‘Recital Prep’ All Ages Bundle – This is the COMPLETE set it – you all FOUR resources shown here, including BOTH the Children’s and the Older Students’ edition of the ‘Bag of Tricks’ book, and both games – ALL with a 35% discount!  Use this option to be fully equipped to get students of all ages and abilities ‘recital ready’!  All the printing, set-up and game playing instructions included too.
  2. Recital Prep’ Children’s BUNDLE – Save 20% – Includes all 3 resources, with the Children’s Edition ‘Bag of Tricks’ book.  This bundle is good value giving you LOTS of effective & efficient practice resources for children.  Printing, set-up and game playing instructions all included for each resource.
  3. ‘Recital Prep’ Older Student’s BUNDLE – Save 20% – Includes all 3 resources, with the Older Student’s Edition ‘Bag of Tricks book.  This bundle is good value giving you LOTS of effective & efficient practice resources teens.  Printing, set-up and game playing instructions all included for each resource.
  4. ‘Recital Shakedown’ Performance practice Game – Get this recital prep performance game just by itself.  Printing, set-up and game playing instructions included.
  5. ‘My Bag of Practice Tricks’ Children’s Edition only – The option gives you just the ‘Bag of Tricks’ children’s edition, on it’s own.  Printing and set up instructions included.
  6. ‘My Bag of Practice Tricks’ Older Student’s Edition only – The option gives you just the ‘Bag of Tricks’ older students’ edition, on it’s own.  Printing and set up instructions included.
  7. ‘Star Starts’ Practice Game – Use this option to get just the Star Starts practice game by itself. Printing, set-up and game playing instructions included.

recital prep, concert practice
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recital prep, concert practice
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General Information:

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