Ear Training Game: Intervals – ‘Name That Song!’

Designed to strengthen aural pitch perception skills

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Do your students find aural perception tedious or baffling? Well surprise them with this fun, comprehensive interval ear training game!

Strengthen aural pitch perception skills with a music game!  This game gives plenty of repetition for interval ear training of ALL 24 intervals from the major, minor and chromatic scales.  Includes both ascending and descending.  Flexible game style – from Beginners to Advanced.  Select the intervals you want, and as students progress, add in more.  What a fun way to do ear training!


The A2 size Board Game – 3 sets of Interval Playing Cards – 6 Cartoon Markers – Game Rules & Teacher Info – 3 sets of Student Reference Cards. Each is in a separate PDF file, and set up to make printing easy. (The board itself is also included as an optional A4 poster pdf file, in case you can’t print A2)


  • Everything is bright and colourful – Ready to Print and Play!
  • The songs used here are classics – often familiar and easy to learn & remember
  • Simple or Challenging – Choose which intervals to include – Ideal for a range of abilities
  • Teacher info material is included, to help you set it up & teach it easily
  • The game covers all 24 intervals found in Western chromatic harmony
  • Use it in a class, or in a private lesson – It can be played with 2 to 6 players, or between a teacher and single student
  • Handouts – This game includes a set of student reference aural interval ‘reminder’ cards that you can print out and give to your students
  • Ready to go – Just download, print and play

This is a sneaky and fun way to help students learn & revise their aural intervals – great for test prep! It builds on our Aural Interval Recognition – Recognising Intervals with Songs sheet, which we have also included in this package. Each of the 24 intervals from major, minor & chromatic scales (both up & down), is related to a song, to make it easy & fun for students to remember.

Take a Look Inside the Game:

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Being able to confidently recognise intervals by ear will help students gain confidence as musicians. It will improve their song writing, sight singing, composition, melody dictation, and playing-by-ear skills.

Studio Licensed: Purchase once and print it forever, to use with all the students that you teach personally. (Studios with multiple teachers will need to buy a digital copy for each teacher.)


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Need an easy way to help students remember how to name intervals? 

Check out our ‘Know Your Intervals’ Poster Set!





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