Pitch Flashcards – TREBLE Set 1, 2, 3

Flash Cards for basic Pitch Reading, using only Treble staff!

A good resource to help students speed up pitch reading skills!  Do you teach a treble instrument?  These pitch flashcards are great for clarinet, violin and flute, etc.  Each slide/flash card is visually appealing, colourful, clearly laid out, and easy to use. These cards specifically focus on intervallic sight reading.

This Treble Staff bundle set gives you a 10% discount!

Getting students fluent in sight reading makes them better musicians – New pieces become easier to learn – giving you more time to work on teaching real musicality!

This BUNDLE Treble staff Set – Level 1A, 2A, & 3A – covers all lines & spaces on TREBLE staff, includes 2nds, 3rds, 4ths, and 5ths, on 50+ separate slides.  And we include several BONUS slides teaching foundational sight reading strategies.

You can access these kid-friendly flashcards from any device, and use them in both classroom teaching and private instrumental lessons – either online via Zoom, Skype or similar, or in person, or printed on paper or thin card.


  • Over 50 intervallic pitch reading flash cards for TREBLE staff – Using intervals of 2nds, 3rds, 4ths & 5ths
  • Also includes several BONUS animated flash cards teaching basic sight reading tips
  • In addition to this, the flash cards have interactive links to enable you navigate between them more efficiently, while presenting
  • You can access these kid-friendly flashcards from any device, and use them in both classroom teaching and private instrumental lessons – either online via Zoom, Skype or similar, or in person.
  • Both Digital & Printable!

Take a look inside our Treble Staff Pitch Card set:

  • digital sight reading flashcards

Easy to use with Face-to-Face teaching:

  • Open in Google Slides on your device (smart phone, tablet, iPad, computer, etc)
  • You can then click through the slides, as the student learns & performs the rhythm patterns right beside you
  • Enable it to ‘offline’ use, if you won’t have internet access in your lessons
  • Printable – if you prefer to work with printed material you can print these slides on A4 paper or thin card.

Easy to use in online teaching:

  • Open in Google Slides
  • Start you Zoom call (or similar video conference call to your student)
  • When you want to use these online flash cards, share your screen & hop over to the Google Slides file
  • Simply click through the slides, as the student performs each one for you

Great to use in classroom teaching, small-group learning, or buddy lessons – access with a computer or other device.

Purchase it once and use it forever, with all the students that you teach personally. (Studios with multiple teachers will need to buy a digital copy for each teacher.)


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