BIG Bundle – Pitch & Rhythm Flashcards PLUS Christmas Sets!

Pitch Cards Level 1, 2 & 3 AND Rhythm Cards Level 1 & 2 AND Christmas Sets - Save 10%!

The BIG Bundle Flashcards PLUS Christmas Sets – 280 Rhythm & Pitch Reading Flash Cards!

…Save 10% with this Bundled set…

  • The Rhythm Flash Cards include basic note values: whole notes, half notes, dotted half notes, quarter notes, eighth notes, quarter and half rests.
  • The Pitch Flash Cards include Treble & Bass Clefs – steps, skips, 4ths & 5ths
  • Pitch Cards includes – many BONUS slides teaching easy sight reading tips – all animated to catch the student’s interest
  • The Christmas themed Rhythm Flash Card are animated to inject some Christmassy fun into sight reading drill – the rhythms are shown first in Christmas ornaments, which then disappear at the click of a button to reveal normal notation underneath – the best of both!
  • 280+ flash cards in all – in manageable sets of approx. 15 flash cards
  • Interactive links between sets, for easy navigation when presenting 
  • Digital & Printable

A fun way to get your students sight reading fluently!  Student who sight read well, can learn pieces much more quickly.

Each flash card is visually appealing, colourful, clearly laid out, and easy to use.

You can access these kid-friendly flashcards from any device, and use them in both group teaching and individual lessons.  Works well both online and in-person.

Take a Look Inside:

  • music resources for christmas
    This BIG set of flashcards includes: 90 for pitch reading, 120 for rhythm, 50 with a Christmas theme, and 18 BONUS cards jam packed with sight reading tips and tricks!

Easy to use with students face to face:

  • Open in Google Slides on your device (tablet, smart phone, iPad, computer, etc)
  • You can then click through the slides, as the student learns & performs the rhythm patterns right beside you
  • Enable it to ‘offline’ use, if you won’t have internet access in your lessons
  • Or if you prefer printed materials, you can print these on A4 paper or cards

Easy to use in online music teaching:

  • Open the flash cards in Google Slides
  • Start your Zoom call (or similar video conference call) to your student
  • When you are ready to use the flash cards, do a ‘share your screen’ with your student, and hop over to the Google Slides file
  • Simply click through the slides, as the student performs each one for you

Can be useful in individual lessons, small-group learning, or buddy lessons.

Purchase it once and use it forever, with all the students that you teach personally. (Studios with multiple teachers will need to buy a digital copy for each teacher.)

Find the individual listings here:  Pitch FlashcardsRhythm FlashcardsChristmas Flashcards


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