Piano Scales & Tricks BUNDLE

Boredom Busting scales practice!

Tweak your students learning habits… Lead the way with FUN and hands-on learning!  Let them colour-in their piano scales and then give them a repertoire of ‘practice magic’ tricks & ‘games’ to practice with!  By the time they have done even a few practice ‘tricks’ the reps will be happening, and the learning settling in!

This discount bundle includes both our ‘Scales Detective’ pictorial scales Activity Sheets AND the ‘Bag of Practice Tricks’ books:

Our ‘Scales Detective’ pictorial scales sheets make piano scales EASY for students to remember.  They are highly visual and let students colour in the patterns according to finger numbers.  The complete set with the Major and all three types of Minor scales is included here, with both US and UK terminology.  Easy to print and hand out – These activity sheets are a great tool for introducing students to keyboard scale patterns.  (Or for reinforcing scale patterns for those who forget!)

The ‘My Bag of Practice Tricks’ books have a multitude of engaging practice strategies to boost mid-week practice.  With 11 practice tricks focussed just on scales and arpeggios, they are a sneaky and colourful way to teach some seriously helpful practice strategies.  We teachers KNOW that it takes more than just simple repetitions to correctly embed new material.  Repetitions are important, but they must be combined with variety, accuracy, and focus, and how many students will naturally commit to this?  To counter sloppy practice habits, each ‘magic practice trick’ contained here presents a ‘game’ or challenge which makes it easy to vary practice, keeping it FUN and super EFFECTIVE.  The ‘Bag of Tricks’ books give teachers an easy and enjoyable way to implement healthy practice strategies. With a concise, colourful and student-friendly layout, it is easy to navigate.  ‘Practice Magic’ makes even seriously advanced practice strategies feel engaging and fun!


Take a look through the ‘Scales Detective’ Pictorial Scales Activity Sheets:

  • how to teach kids scales

Two versions of scale sheets are included – one version with US music terms and the other with UK music terms.  Choose the terms you prefer!



Take a look through the Children’s ‘Bag of Practice Tricks’:

  • piano practice diary



Take a look through the Older Student’s ‘Bag of Practice Tricks’:

  • piano practice diary


The ‘Bag of Practice Tricks’ mini-books are:
  • A unique way to help students plan & practice midweek, between lessons
  • Great for distance learning via online lessons.  These practice resources give you a succinct way in which to teach, discuss and itemise effective practice strategies… And who could resist the idea of transforming their playing with ‘practice magic’!
  • Immediate digital download available 24/7 in your customer account dashboard
  • Studio Licensed – you can print them and use them with all the students that you teach personally & directly.  Music schools will need to purchase a copy for each teacher using these mini-books.

You can print these materials yourself, or take them to a printing shop,  and of course, the actual cost of printing may be passed on to your students.  When printed & assembled the ‘Bag of Tricks’ are each an A5 booklet containing 36 pages (including cover).  We have designed them in a ready-to-print format – The PDF file prints on A4 paper, in landscape direction, double sided, making it more cost effective for you to print.  (To print on letter paper, click ‘fit to size’ in your printer settings.)

Printing & assembly instructions are all included for the practice books, and the ‘Scales Detective’ Activity Sheets can be printed as needed – just print the ones you need for now, knowing that you have the others ready for later!  These practice tricks will be useful for many instruments, but are especially helpful for piano.


See an independent music teacher’s review of our ‘Practice Kit’ Books:

For your interest – The ‘Bag of Practice Tricks’ books correlate to the ‘Campaign Tracker’ in our My Practice Journal – click the link to take a peek at the Practice Journal. We also offer these practice books in a variety of other Discount ‘Practice Kit’ Bundles – choose the bundle that suits you best! 

Purchase Options:

  1. BIG Bundle ‘Scales Practice Kit’:  This option includes all the resources listed here, including the ‘Bag of Practice Tricks’ in both the Children’s Edition and the Older Student’s Edition AND the Pictorial ‘Scales Detective’ Worksheet Set, with both US & UK terminology.
  2. Children’s Bundle ‘Scales Practice Kit’:  This option includes the Children’s Edition of the ‘Bag of Practice Tricks’ AND the complete Pictorial ‘Scales Detective’ Worksheet Set, with both US & UK terminology.
  3. Older Student’s Bundle ‘Scales Practice Kit’:  This option includes the Older Student’s Edition of the ‘Bag of Practice Tricks’ AND the complete Pictorial ‘Scales Detective’ Worksheet Set, with both US & UK terminology.
  4. ‘Scales Detective’ Activity Sheets only: This option gives you just the scales sheets – includes Major, Natural Minor, Harmonic Minor, and Melodic Minor.  For more information about these worksheets, check out the separate listing here: ‘Scales Detective Activity Sheets’
Note – This bundled set is already marked down 10% – so you don’t need to worry about remembering a discount code!

To find the individual listings of these resources – click on the links below:

how to practice piano, music practice, gamify piano practice


  Original Edition – ‘My Bag of Practice Tricks’




how to practice piano, music practice, gamify piano practice


Older Student’s Edition – ‘My Bag of Practice Tricks’





‘Scales Detective Activity Sheets’  – Includes Major, Natural Minor, Harmonic Minor AND Melodic minor!




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